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Teresa Giudice and her daughter Gia show off their bodybuilders in bikinis

She began to focus on imprisonment for fraud charges.

Teresa Giudice showed her latest muscle shape in a bikini shot taken on the beach on Wednesday.

The 46-year-old New Jersey Real Madrid housewife and 17-year-old daughter Gia pose on the beach.

Reality TV stars showed her enviable size, tiny denim shorts and green bikini tops, demonstrating the impressive assets of the four-person group.

Her hair straighteners are worn out and have a central part.

The daughter she shared with her husband, Giuseppe “Joe” Judith, was wearing a suit matching her mom. Although her dark hair is tied up in a high bun.

Teresa wrote an article entitled “My baby is having fun in the sun”.

Earlier this month, Giudice participated in her first bodybuilding competition and she reached a new fitness milestone.

The TV personality participated in the National People’s Congress South Jersey Bodybuilding Championship. When she took office, she was wearing a shiny purple triangle bikini.

Her iron-like abs and body-building legs are as vivid as her sculptured arms.

Of course, Teresa’s husband, Joe, could not participate because the 46-year-old man was still serving 41 months of mail, wire transfers and bankruptcy fraud.

The report released this week stated that ICE (American Immigration and Customs Enforcement) has placed an immigration detainee on his four-year-old father and is in the process of “removal proceedings.”

However, his legal team knocked down the story and labeled it as “cheap shooting.”

They told, “Immigration detainees quoted today are more than two years old.

“It is still pending and no judicial authority has made any decision on its merits.

“This story is a cheap cost for Mr. Giudice… And according to recent national events, immigration issues are eye-catching in everyone’s mind.”

The couple was married in 1999 and has four daughters: Gia, Milan, Gabriella and Audrina.

Teresa was allowed a 15-month sentence in front of her husband – from January 2015, her child would not be acquitted because she had no parents.

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