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The most scientific skin care process

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The skin care routine has been increasingly popularized and many people choose to start care to have long-term results and thus ensure more beautiful and healthier skin over the years.

There are routines from the simplest to the most elaborate and many people get lost in the process without knowing which step to take, so you will have the most complete and scientific process to organize your skincare routine and have radiant skin.

First of all, you need to get familiar with your skin. You need to know your skin type, needs and what to avoid. You also always need to read the label of all products and find out what is in their composition.

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The first step in your skincare process is cleansing. So you need to decide between soap, cleansing foam or gel products. After deciding, you need to ensure that the skin is clean so that you can prepare it for the next processes. If your pores are clogged, it can cause acne and you won’t absorb the products either.


Cleansing alone won’t leave your skin completely clean, so move on to the skin toning part whether it’s using a toner, micellar solution, or exfoliation. Exfoliation is only indicated up to twice a week, as this process sensitizes the skin a lot.

If your skin is oily to combination, give preference to toners. If you have sensitive or dry skin, choose the micellar solution.


With your skin completely clean, go to the treatment part. In this process, you use products recommended by a doctor to treat acne, blemishes, melasma or scars. It is important that you follow the indicated treatment in order to have good results.

In the treatment step, you will use serums, vitamins and whatever else to use. Always remembering to use the lightest products for the heaviest.

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Your skin always needs hydration, regardless of type. If your skin is drier, opt for oil moisturizers, if it’s oily and acne-prone, bet on light products like gel.

Cream and water moisturizers are suitable for all skin types and it’s good to use this step to massage your face and ensure your skin is firm.

Solar Protection

Always wear sunscreen, even if you’re staying indoors or it’s raining. The sun’s rays act on our skin, even when we are not seeing the sun, so this step is very important for the skin and also to prevent problems such as cancer. Make sure the protector is under the entire surface of the skin and reapply throughout the day.

Even if you’re going to wear makeup, it’s important to follow all the skincare steps and make sure you get an effective cleanse in your next routine.


recapping the sequence:


– toning

– Hydration


-Solar protection


If you have questions about the order of the products, follow the sequence of liquid, serum, gel, cream lotion/cream.

There are routines that are more basic and faster and there are more elaborate ones, but it is very important to follow the right order of products so that one process does not cancel out the other. Use the skincare moment to relax and connect with yourself, taking care of and getting to know your body.

Lip balm for spring and summer

Are you looking for lip balms? You are in the right place, today we are talking about lip care products. Lip products are now much more available on the market than before, I think there is no brand that does not have its own lip balm in its offer. Lip balm products are intended for lip gloss and hydration. I have chosen a few to show you which ones have proven to be the best. Don’t forget to use SPF protection factor on your lips during the sun and hot summer days. Like the face, the lips are sensitive and require extra hydration, especially when exposed to the sun all day. Pay attention and apply a protective factor

Lip oils are now very popular, in addition to hydrating the lips they look perfect on the lips plus if you combine them with a lip pencil they will look amazing. The packaging of this oil is too sweet, plus it is a two-phase formula, really beautiful. The smell is enchanting. Our girls are first blown away by the scent and the color of the label itself, lip balms.

Carmex is also a leading brand available in the market all over the world, I don’t think there is a person who hasn’t tried them so my recommendation for this spring is definitely their lip balms. The texture of this balm is very beautiful, gentle and powdery. Various fragrances are available, they are too sweet and they really do the job as stated by the manufacturer.

Eos is a brand that is available in drugstores, you can find it often on sale. There are many types, the scent is fantastic and the texture is beautiful and silky. Hydrates the lips and gives them a natural shine.

Another type of balm is with SPF protection, just as it protects your face throughout the year, so you need to protect your lips as well. They can crack, bleed, so don’t do it to yourself. The balms will protect you from the wind and cold, so always carry your balm with you.

Which lip balm do you like to recommend?

2022 Eyeshadow – Metallic Eye Shadow

Liz Kennedy photographed by Yulia Gorbachenko

And always showing me first hand what the next trend will be, the Dior show at Paris Fashion Week brought what will be a big bet in makeup: The metallic eyeshadow.

Metallic is very characteristic of the 90’s and now it’s making a comeback and changing the makeup game. There are all metallic colors and for those who don’t like to dare too much, it’s a great choice to bet on metallic black. Who likes to dare, there is a range of options just waiting for you.


To create a complete look, it is important to choose your battle. When opting for a metallic eyeshadow, choose a nude lipstick and a neutral outfit.

You can use the shadow all over the eyelid or just use it as a point of light in the corner of the eye. Following the trend of the HBO series Euphoria, it is possible to create outlines and graphic shapes from the shadow to bring creativity and modernity to the final result.

The eyeshadow doesn’t just need to be tightened at night, it can be incorporated into everyday makeup and produce a glowing, healthy look.

Metallic eyeshadows add a dramatic but also fun touch to makeup.

Tips for using metallic eyeshadows

  • Always prepare your eyes leaving them well hydrated and use a primer to set the eyeshadow better and ensure a good finish.
  • If your skin is fair, bet on silver eyeshadow. If your skin is darker, bet on gold, darker skins match all tones and rose gold tone is universal, it works for all skins. When using a silver tone, use a dark finish to balance it out.
  • Always create a balance in makeup by choosing eyes all and mouth none or vice versa. Avoid exaggerating everything so you don’t look heavy.
  • Always choose two shadow textures to avoid everything becoming one and confusing. It’s good to mix something matte with shimmer or something along those lines.

You don’t need to use a super pigmented eyeshadow, you can use metallic in a discreet tone and it still looks beautiful and classic. It is also interesting to use the brush with flat bristles to have a more localized pigmentation. A small tip is to leave the brush a little damp to make it easier to apply.

If you don’t want to make a full eyelid, bet on the metallic eyeliner. Both the conventional and the new forms look amazing and you can create a range of options.

Be sure to try the metallic eyeshadow at least once and try new looks.


Plump lips, bigger lips, fuller lips have become the latest aesthetic fashion trend of women nowadays. Because your lips make your face more beautiful, it enhances the beauty of your face. The hydrating, moisturizing, and high-shine effects are the main feature of lip glaze. And lip glaze is the best alternative for fuller lips.

Fuller lips are now in fashion so women try for that. Somebody using injections or doctor treatment and surgery too, which are dammed expensive and risky. Lips glazes make women look more complex. There is a natural method of making lips fuller and bigger and women with fuller lips come out younger and glow up their entire face.

Know the differences – Sometimes lipstick with selective colors makes women more attractive and speaks a lot about your mood and personality. 

Lipstick – comes in a solid traditional bullet type. 

Lip glosses – come in a squeezable tube

Lip glazes – are similar to lip glosses except they are even sheerer. Only a tiny quantity is enough to cover the entire lip. A variety of skin tones can be adjustable with lip glaze shades. Also, provide a gorgeous and gleaming pout.

6 Lip Glazes Make Us Look More Complex 

1. LAKMÉ – the brand which reconceived fashion internationally. Lakme’s absolute plump and shine lip glaze is the best choice for women. Most important is that it is dermatologically approved which gives smooth and add moisturizing glossy shimmer to your lips. Which makes you center attention among all. It is very easy to apply and also very light. So go for Lakmé Absolute Plump & Shine lip gloss as early as possible  


If you like soft lips with a natural and fresh color then try “LIP GLAZE NUTRITION GLOSS” it may be one of the fantastic formulas that furnish color and shine to the lips. And color descriptions are peach color, litchi color, and dragon fruit. 

3. FACE ATELIER – While hydrating and moisturizing it gives a high shine effect to your lips. It applies extreme shining and smooth glasslike effect. One of the good features of Face atelier lip glaze is a size that is 60% bigger than another lip glaze. 

4. BUXOM FULL-ON PLUMPING LIP POLISH GLOSS – glitter, shimmer, and high shine are the qualities of this product with vitamins A and E benefits, it sounds good, means for healthy lips you can shift to buxom full-on plumping lip polish gloss. 

5. KJAER WEIS – certified organically, with beneficially ingredients like Vanilla Planifolia(for vitamin B) rosehip seed oil, sunflower seed oil, with semi-sheer warm red gloss. Go for it to change your mood.

6. ARMANI BEAUTY ECSTASY MIRROR LIP GLOSS – if you want to feel the smoothness on your lips. This lip gloss enhances high-shine lip gloss which hydrates lips up to 10 hours. So for long-lasting effect go for it. 

Fashion Items In Gigi Hadid’s Handbag

Jelena Noura Hadid, famously known as Gigi Hadid, is a supermodel from the United States. In November 2014, she was named to’s World’s top Model types list for the first time. The London Fashion Society has recognized her Global Models of the Year since 2016. Hadid has appeared on the pages of 35 worldwide Vogue magazines in the last four years.

Being such a major influencer and a successful supermodel, she has many fashion and beauty items that she usually carries from time to time at different places.


She cleanses her face using CVS’s low-cost facial scrub. AnytiherShe runs shorts, She goes over to the store and chooses the one that seems the trendiest or scents the best.

Afterward, she applies Eucerin Extreme Healing Extremely Skin Problems Cream for the head and face. Whenever it comes to deodorant, She prefers the transparent gel since She can’t get any powdery residue while I’m at her job.

Flawless Secrets pure deodorant has such pleasant fragrances. She likes to use it. Soherother product Shetypically grab at CVS is Crest’s Comprehensive Multi-Benefit Moisturizer in Cinnamon Accents. It appeals to her a lot. Fresh’s Sugar Liger Bathtub & Showers Gel seems to be the only thing she’ll spend a fortune on. It’s her most preferred feeling in the universe because it feels incredible.

She has owned the Tom Ford Silk Orchid body spray since she appeared in the ad because it’s just for the evening as it’s hardly a mild scent. It’s just what she’ll put on when she’s going to a very nice event. Tom was present and actively participated in all of the company’s photo sessions. It was refreshing seeing someone somewhere at the head of a firm be so engaged and controlled every picture, from the cosmetics about whether he preferred a particular piece of stockings. He’s also quite well-dressed.


Gigi begins using Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundations in the shade O13. Her mother wears it, so she followed along anyway. Gigi uses a Tarte Cushion Airbrush Finishing Microfiber Foundation Tool to apply it, and the two work well together. The Water Foundation is appealing since it does not cake and illuminates her complexion.

It is indeed bright enough that the freckles are visible. Gigi applies the Maybelline SuperStay 24 Hrs Stay Makeup, something she got at a supermarket a few years ago when she got pimples.

Jouer’s Bare Minerals Cheek in Blossom is her favorite rouge, as though she enjoys the hue. The Diorshow Legendary Overcurl Amazing Volumes & Curly Mascara through Dark 090 is Gigi’s best mascara—the wand is bent! With a Covergirl Beauty Professionals Lashes Curler, she curls her lashes.

Whether Gigi is heading to a function, she’ll apply Charlotte Tilbury’s Popstar Golden & Shine contouring and highlighter kit, including the MAC Eyebrow Collection in Neutral. Gigi wears fluid eyeliner occasionally, and Urban Decay’s 24/7 Water-resistant Water Eyeliner is great since it has a pointy end that almost draws the lines for you.

Afterward, when, once her skin begins to feel somewhat tired or lifeless after each of her cosmetics, she’ll have been using this Epicuren Collagen Mist Enzyme Tonic to help seem so brighter and loosen it up a touch.

What Are Must-Buy Makeup Products in 2021 Summer

The great makeup items seem to be a form of self-expression, because they’ve grown more so in the last year. Regardless of the fact that cosmetics revenues were dwindling as our lifestyles have become more remote and virtual, our attachment to the items we love grew stronger.

The beauty necessities were a means for many of us to function normally whenever we left the apartment. Someone else found it to be an enjoyable conversation topic, a means to interact with those around us until surgical masks created a small smile challenging.

Giorgio Armani Beauty is the strong formula. Neo Nude Foundation is a non-oily foundation.

The desert-island material seems to be foundation. (I’d like smooth, healthy skin only if I were stuck on a desert island!) It has been difficult to find foundations that are both malleable and organic while still performing every one of the features you’d expect from a base. This one’s quality is lightweight and natural looking, much as its name suggests. People liked how it didn’t overstretch the face, but instead mellowed this out and offered it a misty illumination that We normally just get from a soft highlighter. These have certainly wowed us enough just to justify a second investment.

EYE liner

Our beauty routine includes eye makeup, however, the formulation We choose relies on the mindset, appearance, as I’ve on hand. We don’t really have the stamina for liquid eyeliner, and pigment liners are often not intense enough with different people or linger in their usage. Too Faced’s pencil liner brought us the best possible outcome, without any of the drawbacks. It’s highly dyed and offers individuals the black-black look We want, as well as a lush, creamy consistency that’s simple to work with. It’s also water-resistant!

Charlotte Tilbury has the best bronzer. Bronzer with an airbrush Finish

After cycles of becoming cooped up inside, I’m finally the palest we’ve ever been. Fortunately, we had the same perfect matte bronzer on hand—almost it’s invisible and mixes in seamlessly. The real matt makeup is ideal for smoothly and rapidly faking a shade (and highlighting your body shape). Just the kind of bronzer that will never go out of style, no longer if we’re in the beauty fashion cycle or no.

Fenty Beauty Snap Shadows Mix & Match Eyeshadow Kit in Wine is the best eyeshadow.

The Fenty wine range is absolutely stunning! It’s little, but it does have a morning, an evening, earth tones, and coloring in it. It includes anything you’d need to glow like a gem.

Tatcha The Silk Powder is the best powder.

This powder gives me the impression that I’m a multimillionaire! It is without a doubt the most lavish item those who purchase it. The wrapping is glitzy and yet light enough just to fit in a travel bag or shopping bag, but it provides just a small amount of powder at a moment, as such you don’t overdo it.

When people apply this over their makeup, it helps make someone’s complexion appear a little skin without the need of foundation by a super-smooth, photo-ready polish. Rather than having to look as though people did try and refuse to enforce a 15-part contour clip, People merely take a glance as If i’m having a really good skin day.

And that really means keeping my moisturizer-sunscreen-foundation combination from drifting round one’s face like such a super-sophisticated car seat for one’s skin.

These 5 Face Oil Will Revitalize Your Glow

Due to the increasing pollution levels and ageing, your skin loses its natural glow. But do you know oils can do wonders to your dull face and restore its radiance? Good quality face oils can keep your skin hydrated and fresh, reviving its true aura.

If you still cannot believe the genuine benefits of face oil, then let’s recommend the 5 most effective products for your glowing skin.

1. Grape Seed & Sea Buckthorn Glow-Restore Face Oils Blend By Plum Goodness

This face oil by Plum Goodness is made with 10 natural oils that have a high absorption power and do not feel sticky on your skin. It helps to sustain and regain your skin’s natural aura. Created with the best antioxidant formula, it prevents the loss of moisture in your skin. You can completely trust this environment-friendly face oil for reviving skin glow.

2. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Multi-Recovery Complex Face Serum

This face serum by Este Lauder repairs your skin rapidly and reduces the signs of ageing. This tested product is rich in antioxidants and keeps your skin hydrated for 72 long hours. It does not consist of harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, etc. You get naturally radiant skin by using this fantastic face serum, mainly made for Indian Skin.   

3. Blueberry Hemp Face Oil

Blueberry Hemp Face Oil

Blueberry Hemp Face Oil face oil is manufactured from organic elements such as sesame oil, pure ghee, gold bhasma, and liquorice. It removes fine lines and pigmentation to make your skin look young. By increasing the production of collagen, it offers your skin a smooth, soft, and glowing texture. Do not miss out on this face oil if you want to heal your skin in a chemical-free and natural way.

4.Valjean Labs Facial Serum, Glow, Vitamin C and Magnesium

Valjean Labs Facial Serum, Glow, Vitamin C and Magnesium

This face serum suits from ordinary to dry skin and hydrates your skin to the core. The side effects free gentle face serum is equipped with SPF15 to protect your skin from ageing signs and environmental hazards. You must try out a pack of this face serum for gorgeous glowing skin.

5.  double Serum

Double Serum

Being rich with vitamin C, this face oil restores your skin’s firmness and makes it softer. Your skin appears to be young and free from fine lines after applying this face serum. Your skin is preserved from fine lines and free radical damage with the help of this face serum.

Adding a good quality face oil not only helps to revive the glowing appearance of your skin but also improves the condition of other skin-related issues. So, do not hesitate to include one of these face oils in the wishlist to get the beauty of your skin back.

Select Best Lighted Make Up Mirror For Living Streaming or Shooting

A lighted makeup mirror offers a super clear and well-lit reflection crucial for a flawless and fantastic makeup application. When you have the right makeup mirror, it will also become more convenient for you to complete your eye-straining tasks, for example, shaving your peach fuzz or shaping eyebrows. Besides, a lighted make-up mirror can add a beautiful and attractive element to your room. However, the market is full of different types of lighted make up mirrors, so which one will work best for you? To help you out in this, we have listed down a few options for you. Have a look.


Different testers have given this small and easy to carry lighted makeup mirror the highest score. This mirror has three different light configurations, and you can choose between yellow or white lighting. That’s something exciting. Some users can go for the 8X magnification, and some can opt for 10x magnification. Speaking about this mirror’s LED lighting system, the company claims that it would last for a lifetime.

Riki Skinny lighted mirror

Don’t get worried after hearing the word skinny, as the skinny terms here in the lighted mirror refers t how thin the mirror is. There will not be a misguided feature to make you appear slimmer. Besides, the mirror has five stages of high-quality LED light dimming control and comes with customized HD lighting. What’s more? It has a magnetic phone clip to enable the Bluetooth selfie feature and a magnetic magnifying mirror. Use it now and attain the perfect makeup to look beautiful.

Tri-fold lighted makeup mirror

This lighted mirror features a three-way fold structure that gives it a sleek look. With this, you will get an easy storage option and more viewing angles. Besides, the mirror can swivel at around 180-degree and also support 2x and 3x magnification function. The price is low, but it will look more expensive than its original cost.

Simplehuman sensor mirror trio

With a five-year extended warranty and unique high-tech capabilities, you will feel like this lighted mirror is something very unique. This mirror offers a 1x, 5x, and 10x magnification option to easily apply mascara. The lighting capacity of the mirror is unreal. By waving your finger along with the mirror rim, you can brighter or dimmer the light.

Hollywood style lighted mirror from ALBOR

If you are looking for a more statement price or a bigger mirror, go for this Hollywood style mirror now. There is a total of twelve LED light bulbs have surrounded the mirror. Besides, you can also adjust the brightness of the light for afternoon, morning, or evening. It supports 360-degree rotation.

Some Celeb- Loved Makeup Brands You Can Try

You all love makeup, is not it? After all, perfect makeup will make you appear beautiful with a clear and spotless face. But you need to keep one thing in your mind: when it comes to makeup, the quality matters the most. If you want to make yourself look good and beautiful throughout the day, and want to give proper care to your skin, then you need to be very careful about which make up product to buy. However, there is nothing to worry about it as the beauty industry has some of the top brands that have been offering quality products for years. Those products will satisfy all your beauty needs. In fact, some well-known celebrities also prefer to go for those brands.

  1. Chanel

Want to feel sophisticated and glamorous, just like Coco, when you use the high-quality makeup products of CHANEL. The brand is well-known for offering some luxurious beauty products that are stylish and chic. Well, even though a lipstick from CHANEL will cost you around USD 50, but the quality will surely impress you. Go for it now.

  • Dior

Dior is a brand that depicts excellence, luxury, and creativity. The cosmetics range is quite great. No matter what types of beauty products you are looking for, with this brand, you will find all the thins. So, if you have not tried its products yet, then be sure to try them out now. If you are looking for a signature product of Dior, then go for its Dior Addict Lipstick. It lasts all day.

  • Estee Lauder

Starting from the year 1946, Estee Lauder has been beautifying women across the world with its quality beauty products. Now, it has emerged as a renowned beauty product company in the world. The products that are skincare, fragrance, and makeup are proven very effective, technologically advanced, and are very innovative.

  • L’Oréal

When it comes to buying high-quality beauty products, you can’t ignore L’Oréal. The brand is a global leader in the beauty product industry. This well-known French company provides women across the world with superior quality and luxurious beauty products at many affordable prices. Be it a lipstick, eyeliner, or foundation products, with L’Oréal; you will get all the things.

  • Maybelline New York

Started as a small business, now this brand has established its presence all over the world. In America, it is considered as a top cosmetic product provider. With this brand, you will get scientifically-advanced beauty products, and the quality is quite good. For example, its lipstick, once applied, can last up to 200 hours, giving your lips a shiny look.

Popular Lipstick Shades That Look Good On Everyone

Let’s be honest, when it comes to flawless makeup looks there is nothing more essential than a flattering lipstick shade. Regardless of whether we are not in the mood to put on a full face of makeup, most of us prefer to add a little color to our skin with a versatile lipstick— Even with a bare face, we feel like lipsticks are the perfect way to always look put together, no matter the hour of the day or your color of choice.  

There are a few key ways to always stay on top of the best lipstick choices on the market. The first includes the well-known trial and error method. There is something therapeutic about going to our favorite beauty counters to swatch and re-swatch all the colors until we find the one that perfectly complements our skin. Another easy way? The best and most honest reviews come from friends and family, am I right? Slide into the DMs of those closest to you and ask for recommendations. So what are the absolute best lipstick shades available right now? We browse the internet, read dozens of reviews to share with you all the lipstick shades people can’t live without in 2020.

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Extreme Intense Matte Lip Color in 128 Rose Nocturne

Neutral makeup looks have always been amongst the top 3 favorite choices of many women. Why? Simply because the “effortlessly chic” trend will never go out of style. Chanel is known for offering the best quality products for those of us who enjoy high-end makeup and skincare and are comfortable with spending a few extra bucks to achieve the perfect results. Rouge Allure is the perfect shade of rose, able to compliment almost every skin tone with its matte finish. 

Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Lip Crème Lipstick in 214 Georgie Girl 

Now that we are on the subject of high-end quality products, we couldn’t miss the chance to mention Le Marc. Its creamy and super hydrating texture will never leave your lips to feel dry and sore. It can easily be the best choice for those of us who love to reapply and touch up our makeup looks throughout the day. With more than 32 shades available at the moment, Marc Jacobs Beauty promises to help you find the perfect shade to complement your skin tone.

Laura Mercier Rouge Essentiel Silky Crème Lipstick in A La Rose 

A lipstick guide would never be completed without mentioning Laura Mercier. Rouge Essentiel offers a satin, lightweight finish and can be styled with a variety of different outfits from workwear to cocktail dresses or a simple t-shirt and jeans for a casual coffee date with your girlfriends. There currently 32 shades to choose from and all of them come with hundreds of glowing reviews.