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Delingha February collect underwear vending machine

A small step in the intellectual innovation of the existing womens bikinis sale  industry in India.

The underwear vending machine will be launched at Indira Gandhi International Airport in February next year.

Radhika Goenka, the heiress’s Welspun group, took the first step and started her own female underwear in the Mumbai lingerie store. Now she’s going to Delingha.

“We have just launched the first vending machine in our VAMA department store in Mumbai, Peidalu, and plans to launch an international airport in Delhi in February 2018,” Goenka told us.

womens bikinis sale

The vending machine provides the bra and the womens bikinis sale  from the first all black collection is mine.

“Buying underwear in public, and even talking about it, has a stereotype. The vending machine has been introduced to change this view.

“The underwear shop vending machine is a small step in improving the intellectual innovation of the underwear industry in India,” Goenka said.

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