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Melanie Sykes, 47, shows her tights in a colorful bikini because she spent a day at the pool with Jilly Johnson.

She is known for her incredible bikini body.

The 47-year-old Melanie Sykes continues to surprise fans with a stunning rainbow bikini on the side of the pool on Monday.

The TV presenter looked sensational because she showed her abdomen and two long limbs.

Looking at every inch of the beach baby, Melanie licked her hair in the pool and put on her hair, and added aviator sunglasses to block her eyes from the sun.

Melanie spent a day with the former model Jilly Johnson after taking a towel in the pool and sharing the two to enjoy some fruit.

She added a title to this photo: “Enjoy the best day with this beautiful creature @ jillyjohnson100, enjoy the sun, eat healthy food and chin swing!”

The poolside photo was taken after she opened her fight against her son Valentino and autism, which was diagnosed when he was two years old.

She frankly admitted to the “Mirror” that she “cannot cope with” his diagnosis and occasionally “swings”, but insisted that she would give her son, now 13 years old, to grow up independently.

Melanie understands that she is trying to help her son, affectionately known as Tino, learning to communicate, and she forgot to teach him to cross the road and other practical life courses.

She said: ‘I have been trying to let him talk, communicate, enjoy life, accept autism. I just forgot some practical things.

Although Melanie said that Tino would always be good for her, she would like to see him eventually gaining his independence.

The broadcaster still has a friendly relationship with her ex-husband actor Daniel Caltagirone, who shares it with Tino and their eldest son Roman (16).

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