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Outdoor sound swimsuit looks as good as its leggings

Earlier this year, this was the first year of Outdoor Voices, the cult’s favourite clothing brand, which launched their first run and tennis series. Now, this simple sports brand is exploring another clothing category, launching its included swimsuit series H2OV.

Voice of the Outdoors was designed with real bodies in mind, and women in various shapes and colors were recruited to create collections in the booklet. There are Mama Cax, models, active advocates and amputees, skiers Tavia Bonnetti and model Emma Breschi, and other treasures.

The outdoor sound H2OV series has 8 pieces, 9 pieces, if you count swim trunks. There are two items – Splash One Piece, a pretty traditional style with a square neck and strap, and Dive One Piece, which has a thin strap and a stylish strap.

Both are $115. The two-part isolation collection has three bottoms and two tops ranging from $45 to $55. Each piece contains bright, solid, summer shades such as lemonade, blueberry and vermilion. There are swimming trunks ($60), beach towels ($50) and waterproof watches ($55).

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