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We could already say that midi dress is a classic type of dress and we can’t see it going away from fashion runways or street any time soon. If you are looking to get inspired and find your own perfect midi dress, than you are on the right place. Just keep reading this article.

Buying a midi dress may not be such as easy as it seems ( especially if you are vertically challenged ). If you buy a midi dress which is isn’t cut in the flattering height it could actually make your legs look much shorter than they are. So of course that is the thing you should be careful about. Regarding the midi dresses and how to style them there are a couple of suggestions you may try. For example you could pair it with leather jacket and combat boots and that would absolutely tick all the trend boxes for this season. You could also wear it under a chunk knit. It might seem like an unusual combo but it can actually look cool. Midi dresses could also be worn in formal occasions with high heels and suitable jewelry. But it is enough talk about midi dresses. We would like to actually show you some of the midi dresses which we found online and which we think are a beautiful example:

ASOS DESIGN midi dress with batwing sleeve and wrap waist in satin

Here is a perfect example how midi dress can be worn in formal occasions with high heels. You would definitely catch everyone’s attention in this green midi dress.

PrettyLittleThing Contrast Tie Lace Midi Dress

This dress is a perfect example of how midi dress can look sexy and formal at the same time. When we say midi dress we usually think about flowy type of dresses but this dress obviously states that slim fit midi dresses are a great choice as well.

In case you have a weeding coming soon and no bridal dress, obviously midi dress can work too. Just look at those amazing details on this dress.

Peach Midi Dress

This gorgeous satin midi dress could hardly go unnoticeable. So why not try it out? It is a perfect combination of girly and elegant.

On this picture you can clearly see how midi dress can be worn with combat boots. All you need to is throw on a leather jacket over it and enjoy this autumn.

These Boots Styles are Favored by Everyone

When you have a perfect pair of boots, you will feel like a model and walk in style. Besides, you can prevent cold feet issues. Modern boots are very versatile, and you can combine them with different types of outfits. Even though boots are widely used during winter, some prefer to have them during summer. However, to look stylish, you need to choose the perfect boots styles. To help you with this, we have listed some best types of boots that will take your overall look to a new level. Have a look.

  1. Uggs boots style

These boots are comfy and cozy. You can see Kendall Jenner with such boots, and most of the women are now following her style. You can use it anytime you want, and such boots look amazing with every outfit. So, grab a pair of uggs boots and keep your feet warm and happy.

UGG News Styles
  • Hiker boots style

Well, don’t think that these boots are designed for hiking.  You can wear this during normal days. They are super stylish as well as comfortable. As they don’t come with heels, you can use this as your everyday shoes. They are designed to offer you a perfect feminine look. Use it with your skirts, leggings, or tight jeans, and you will get a super stylish look. Use then, and show off your unique style.

Gigi Hadid wear hike boots style
  • Wedge boots style

When you have this, you will feel like wearing a boot and a wedge at some time. With ankle-length design and wedge heels, it offers you the desired level of comfort. What’s more? You will look a little taller with this. If you are looking for the best type of wedge boot, you can always go for the stylish wedge sneaker boots. Combine them with many outfits to get a fresh look.

Wedge boots style
  • Suede boots style

When it comes to getting a break from the regular leather boots while not compromising your style, you can go for suede boots. They look super classy and feminine. You can go for both knee-length and ankle-length design based on your style preference. With these boots, you can create a vintage look without any issue. For the best look, try them out with a floral dress and wear a leather coat on it.

  • Glittery boots style

Sparkly and glittery boots are now trendy. These are perfect boots for parties or even for wedding events. Made of sequin material, they feel comfortable. In terms of length, you can go for ankle-length or knee-length. For the best look, you can use it with your monochrome dresses.

The Top Fall Sweater Trends To Shop Right Now

The ultimate fall fashion, sweaters, is once again here to mark the start of the crispy autumn days and offer a smooth transition until coats become a necessity. This year sweaters turned back to classics. Cardigans retook their rightful place in the runways along with some all-time favorite knits and patters like cable knits. In other words, you can dust off your grandpa’s sweater, it’s time to style it casually. Every sweater enthusiast is eager to dive in once again and demonstrate all the amazing ways to pull off the ultimate street style look and we are here for it. There are a lot of new stylish options online to choose from. Take a look at our favorite choices for the Autumn-Winter months.

Cable knits

Cable knits have always had a special place in our hearts due to their iconic style and stitching. They offer the ultimate warmth we so desperately need during this season and add a stylish touch to every outfit in the meantime. You can never go wrong with a neutral-colored cable sweater layered on top of a pair of flare or boyfriend jeans, a blazer, and your favorite leather boots.

Fitted cardigans

Forget the old school type of wearing a cardigan. This fall the cropped fitted pattern will definitely be a wardrobe staple. Wear it as a top with a skirt or high waisted trousers for a casual day look or a layering piece during the afternoon to add texture. The all-time classic white cardigan pairs up perfectly with your favorite beige color leather pants or midi skirt. The trim cardigan, on the other hand, can be a great choice for all your classy, preppy outfits this season.

Graphic sweater

Graphic sweaters received a makeover and they are once again here, to rule the streets. Bold, vibrant and statement patterns, often embroidered with a “look at me” are prominent. No need for extra styling. These sweaters are a show stopper. Our favorite tie-dye trend transformed into the perfect sweater option for cold weather. Animal print is once again here to stay as a perfect layering piece to add color and texture even to the plainest outfits.

The Best Classic Perfumes You Need To Invest In

Ohh perfumes- everyone’s favorite subject. There is no right formula to determine which smell is going to complement your personality without a few trials and error, but yet again, that’s the fun of it. We all know by now that as much as your friend loves a specific perfume, it does not guarantee to suit your taste as well. One thing is for sure. The all-time classic perfumes obtained this title for a reason because they are just that- classic. Even they don’t appeal to everyone’s taste, these formulas managed to pass the test of time and still be at the top of many lists to this day.

Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps

Many will mistakenly assume that the brand gained its popularity only recently but that could not be further from the truth. This reach-in floral, a long-lasting fragrance launched almost 70 years ago – look at the classic bottle design- and still sells like crazy to this day. What’s a better way to have that fresh smell we are dying for than by spraying a great combination of gardenia, jasmine, and sandalwood extracts on your skin?

Dior Miss Dior

Miss Dior is our best reminder of the first couture collection by Dior. Yes, they both share the same timestamp-1947. Dior is known for being the embodiment of all things chic and ladylike, the perfume smell could not have been any different. Even though the formula changed quite a few times over the past years, the original base and is still here to make us fall in love with it over and over again. 

Yves Saint Laurent Opium

With such a strong name, Opium quickly gained some controversial reviews back in the day. This perfume is certainly not for everyday use, or something you will easily wear during the morning hours. However, its bold and spicy smell is the ultimate choice for a night out. We couldn’t miss the chance to feature a seductive, mood provoking formula on our list of the top classic perfumes.

Guerlain Shalimar

We left the best for last. Shalimar is what we can all call “a true classic”. It’s been nearly a century since its first appearance, even though the smell is certainly not outdated. This soft fragrance is definitely a great solution for all-day use. 

Perfect Outfits Ideas for Women in Fall 2020

As time moves on, so the hottest fashion. Starting from the runways, street style fashion to the designer showrooms, there is a lot of styles and looks for everyone to try this fall. From the myriad of bright styles to omnipresent neutral color, you can easily find a perfect outfit for you. Don’t stop yourself this fall from showing off your unique style sense. Well, are you looking for some great fall outfit ideas? Don’t worry at all as we are here to help you out. Here are some best options that you can try this fall and look super beautiful.

  1. The nineties redux

This fall, get ready to bring back the nineties look. You don’t have to do much for this. With knee-high shoes, shorts, and skirts, you can come up with a perfect look. This can be a perfect cold-weather essential as you can layer it with leggings or jeans. With a loose-fitting suit, you can come up with a perfect office outfit. Go for this and look stylish.

  • The oversized suit, sneakers a white tee

Well, this combination will take your style to a whole new level. Super fashionable sneakers and oversized suits are the perfect matches made. You will never go wrong with this fit for a fall outfit. So, don’t think much and grab a gray-colored suit, combine it with a pair of sneakers and a bright white tee, and you are all set to rock with your minimalist look.

  • Bright pop color suits

Want to make a stylish statement from the office to the club with your friends? Don’t worry, and just grab a bright suit. These bright colors can brighten your day and will instantly elevate the wardrobe. Instead of going for the old traditional shades, this summer, try out the loud colors such as red or blue. With such suits, you can use some accessories lie a bold clutch and a pair of heels. You will get a versatile outfit option.

  • The magic of brown color

Enjoy your fall days by wearing a brown PU coat that will look super stunning. The faux leather made coat looks classis, and the design is trendy. You can style it with a pair of slimline trousers, or if you want, you can go for a mini skirt. Want to look more stylish? Use a waistband.  Go for blue, grey, or black options.

  • Neon sweater and boots

Go for a good pair of stylish pants this fall, along with a stylish neon color sweater to show off your style. Complete your look with a pair of cut-out booties, and nothing can stop you from enjoying your days and nights with your friends.