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 Perfect Party Makeup Ideas to Try This Year

When we have an event scheduled, the look is important, right? Therefore, many details must be considered during preparation.

Party makeup is just one of those minutiae, but it’s one of the most notable. So, you need to choose the makeup that makes you feel beautiful and confident.

To help you, in this article we list some tips to consider when putting on makeup or to guide the professional who will do your makeup.

We also prepared some beautiful and impeccable makeup ideas to inspire your next choices this year. We will?

Red lipstick never goes wrong

For those who don’t like to dare too much in their eyes, but still don’t want to go unnoticed, betting on red lipstick is a great choice.

There are several shades, some more open and some more closed. Surely one of them will stand out on your skin and match more with the chosen look!

A little color doesn’t hurt anyone

Parties are environments to have fun, and you can start the fun with beauty. Lately, colorful makeup has been gaining a free pass in various environments. Try to be bold and create a look with your favorite eye colors — either the eyeliner, the shadow, or both!

Gold is synonymous with luxury

Gold is one of the most chosen colors for evening party makeup. Elegant and luxurious, this color perfectly composes more sophisticated makeup.

Use gold in the eyeshadow, in the eyeliner, in the highlighter… You choose!

The classic has its value

There are types of makeup that have already become classics. They are those inspirations that have no mistakes and never go out of style.

The darker outer corner with the lighter inner corner is an example of those makeups that everyone loves!

Pink makeup is synonymous with personality

Pink makeup has been giving the air of grace in the makeup world for some time. We love this trend!

Although this color is extremely delicate, it is also super modern, leaving the makeup irreverent and full of attitude. You can explore different tones, from the softest and pastels to the most intense.

A beautiful eyeliner lifts the eye

The outline conquers the heart of anyone, right? No wonder it has become one of the hits in the makeup universe.

Although cat eyeliner is one of the most popular, there are several types of eyeliner for you to try and choose which best suits your face shape and style.

Makeup with black eyes never loses its space

Betting on a well-smoky black eye is a great asset up your sleeve! This look is timeless, powerful, and matches many occasions and looks.

So, what did you think of this selection of makes? Cute, right? Now it’s time to think about the next party of the year and which makeup you will wear and rock!

4 Summer Perfumes to Buy And Try Now

Women’s perfumes for use of freedom of aroma, distraction, and no extension empowerment. In the hot season, you can use floral, citrus, and slightly sweet flavors.

It may not seem like it, but it takes a minimum of knowledge when choosing summer perfume! Even from the smell, it is necessary to know how to define the occasion to use the environment. When it rises, then, the ideal choice becomes paramount to uncomfortable experiences as they didn’t happen to happen.

Summer and less intense perfumes, more citrus notes, floral and aquatic fruits. Because they have less common and not-so-common perfumes, these perfumes stick to the skin and do not contrast with creams and sunscreens, as well as all sunscreens. So, that smell and even excessive sweating, mixtures of odors can be perfume attractive and even excessive sweating.

Here we separate four perfumes with ideal notes to be used on hot days and cool nights.

Salvador Dalí Lagoon

1. Salvador Dalí Lagoon

Let’s start with a perfume distinguished by its packaging and also freshness. Mysterious, Laguna is well known and characteristic of working with floral, woody, and fruity notes. It is a perfect blend between lemon, tangerine, roses, lily of the valley, and vanilla.

Much used by modern women, in fact, it has a large list of ingredients in its formula. Perhaps, this is the great secret of this perfume that seeks to inspire tranquility!

Head notes:

  • Lemon,
  • Pineapple,
  • Plum,
  • Galbanum leaves,
  • Tangerine,
  • Peach,
  • Grapefruit and
  • Raspberry.

Heart notes:

  • Italian iris,
  • Jasmine,
  • Egyptian rose,
  • Lily of the valley and
  • Brazilwood.

Background notes:

  • Tonka bean,
  • Amber,
  • Patchouli,
  • Poop,
  • Musk,
  • Vanilla,
  • Cedar and
  • Madagascar sandalwood.
Aqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

2. Aqua di Gioia by Giorgio Armani

With Armani excellence, inspired by the maritime universe and with great fixation, Acqua di Gioia refers to strong women with youthful and free spirits. The lightness of the perfume blends the summer proposal very well: floral, fresh, citrus, and aquatic notes, all gathered in a single bottle.

Its personality is marked by the aroma of hydroponic jasmine and the freshness of mint. Because it has a certain intensity, it is not recommended to use the perfume during the day, only on hot nights.

Head notes:

  • Mint and
  • Sicilian lemon.

Heart notes:

  • Hydroponic jasmine,
  • Pink pepper and
  • Peony.

Background notes:

  • Brown sugar and
  • Cedar.
Daisy Dreams by Marc Jacobs

3. Daisy Dreams by Marc Jacobs

Floral and fruity in the right measure, Daisy Dreams is delicate, light, and feminine. As it has a short and subtle hold, it is ideal for everyday use or to enjoy a walk. Mixing the scent of blackberries and jasmine, with other fragrances, pleases almost all women.

The perfume was created to convey the lightness of the skies and summer breezes and, in 2015, it was the winner in one of the categories of The Fragrance Foundation Awards, considered the Oscar of perfumery.

Head note:

  • Blackberry,
  • Grapefruit and
  • Pear.

Heart note:

  • Jasmine,
  • Lychee and
  • Wisteria (Wisteria).

Bottom note:

  • Whitewood,
  • Musk and
  • Poop.
Jimmy Choo Parfum

4. Jimmy Choo Parfum

The perfume that bears the name of a renowned fashion designer is one of those to be used only on certain occasions!

Sophisticated, this perfume has warm and woody notes in its formula, but it’s the fruity ones that end up standing out.

The sensual fragrance contains pear, ginger, orchids, and a good hint of mystery. It is a mixture of perfect scents, which do not harm the sense of smell, but which need to be used at night, indoors.

All these attributes make Jimmy Choo Parfum one of the best women’s perfumes for the summer.

Head note:

  • Ginger,
  • Green notes,
  • Tangerine and
  • Pear.

Heart note:

  • Pink and
  • Orchid.

Bottom note:

  • Cedar and
  • Woody notes.

Tips on How to Dress on a First Date for Women

Don’t you understand how time goes by when you think about what you’re gonna wear for the first date? It’s okay; there are moments, minutes, and years of excitement. The thrill of that first date is running around, taking all our clothes out of our closet, trying to decide. Because the first date is unforgettable. For the first date, the places may also be varied. And since it’s summer, I can tell you that it’s more outdoor than indoor, and beautiful places can be special for the first date, day and night. I’m going to share some clothes you can wear on your first date, and I hope it helps you get some ideas.     


Floral dresses are a trendy look of the late days. The floral dresses are great, and are not exaggerated for the first date but will allow you to create a signature style. You can combine your mini-floral dresses with high-heel shoes or sneakers based on the venue’s specifications. A mysterious look with a detailed sleeve and a minivan that will reveal the beauty of your wrists, and the person you’re dealing with will not be able to hide his admiration for you.

Anything you need for a romantic look for a dress for a romantic date goes for this dress. In that green, with the detail, the midi-sized dress that reveals the beauty of your neck, it’s like a summer night dream. If a special place is chosen for the first date, like the seaside, to follow the air that has just begun to cool down, you will feel like a princess in this dress.

The color powder pink is a noble color that seems to be indifferent but reveals its difference. The curves in the shoulder detail of this colorful dress, which brings out the beauty of your body lines, will give you a sleek look, while the thin taping on the waist will reveal the shape of your waist. This dress is ideal for a cute and noble look.

Why not have five tea in a very elegant place for a first date? Attentive but unexaggerated with a one-piece dress with two pieces of view for a historic meeting place; simple but refined in detail; much more than a classic, this dress is ideal for a look.


The first date is the most important step in which the other party will have an idea about you. Therefore, to give the first impression right, you should care about your image and avoid overestimation. The clothes are the first choice, but the jumpsuits may be the right choice. If you want to create a clean and stylish yet powerful look on a first date evening, red is a suitable color. I think you’ll like to combine this jumpsuit style that shows you’re taking it seriously when you meet the other side with no exaggeration

5 Tips to Make Your Makeup Better in Summer

With summertime just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about making your makeup last all day in the heat and humidity. Summer can be brutal on your makeup, with the heat and humidity taking a toll on its staying power. But with a few simple tips, you can make your makeup last all day and into the night. Here are five tips to help you keep your makeup looking great all summer:

1. Use a primer.


A good primer is essential for making your makeup last in the summer heat. Apply a pea-sized amount of primer to your face before applying foundation or concealer. This will help create a smooth, even canvas for your makeup and give it something to grip onto, helping it last longer throughout the day. It will also help to keep your makeup from melting or sliding off your face in the heat.

2. Set your makeup with powder.


Once you’ve applied your foundation and concealer, set your makeup in place with a translucent powder. This will help to absorb any excess oils and keep your makeup looking matte and fresh all day long. You can even apply a setting powder over your eyelids to help prevent creasing and keep your eye makeup in place.

3. Use waterproof makeup.

In the summer, it’s always a good idea to opt for waterproof formulas for your favorite products. Waterproof mascara and eyeliner will help prevent any smudging or running, even if you sweat or get caught in the rain shower. And if you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the pool or at the beach, look for waterproof foundations and concealers that will stay put, no matter how much water you’re exposed to.


4. Touch up throughout the day.

If you start to notice your makeup wearing off, don’t hesitate to touch up. Carry a small makeup bag with you containing the essentials (powder, concealer, blotting papers, etc.), so you can quickly and easily freshen up your look. A quick touch-up will help you look polished and put-together, even if your makeup has been melting away throughout the day.

5. Rethink your skincare routine.

In the summer, it’s important to rethink your skincare routine and make sure you’re using products that won’t clog your pores or cause breakouts. Choose oil-free and non-comedogenic formulas to help keep your skin clear and healthy all summer long. And don’t forget to apply sunscreen! A good sunscreen will help protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and also keep your makeup from fading.

With these five tips, you can make your makeup last all day long, no matter how hot and humid it is outside. So enjoy your summer without worrying about your makeup melting away.


Summers can be tough on makeup. The heat and humidity can cause it to smudge, fade, or run. But with a few simple tricks, you can make your makeup last all day long. Use a primer to create a smooth surface for your foundation, set your makeup with powder, use waterproof products where possible, and touch up throughout the day. And if you’re struggling with oily skin or acne in the summer months, rethink your skincare routine too. With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to keep your makeup looking perfect all season long!

Proof You Need To Add Pink To Your Wardrobe

Wearing pink can be a challenge for many women! Some think they are too mature to use the shade of pink, others do not want to pass the image of fragile that is very associated with the delicacy of some lighter shades of pink. But the fact is that this color is one of the preferences of women and many stop using it in the professional environment for fear of showing femininity. And that’s why I want to show you why you need to add pink to your wardrobe, without losing your style and maintaining elegance.

On accessories:

If you are more discreet or have a very formal dress code at your company: the suggestion is to put pink in small touches through accessories. That way these points of color will refer to your personality without being the most attention-grabbing part of your look.

On the blouse:

In more informal environments, you don’t need to wear social clothes and it’s not so strict. In these cases, you can bet on t-shirts that are very versatile pieces. The secret of this look is to mix the light and subtle pink tones with a stronger piece like the black skirt, for example.

For cold days, a bet is the turtleneck blouse in the shade of pink. Take the opportunity to combine it with another piece with a darker overtone to give your look a lift.

Wearing pink dress pants:

The contrast of the traditional cut of dress pants with the pink color is very interesting and yields stylish and feminine looks. Because you take advantage of the seriousness of the cut of the social pants to break the idea of fragile that is often associated with shades of pink.

In the third part:

The third-piece trick is foolproof for anyone who wants to look more elegant and professional in the workplace. For example, the tailored blazer or vest has the power to transform your basic look into a more classic and elegant look.

How to wear pink in the whole look

For those in love with pink, you can use pink in the whole look and still be elegant and refined. Have you ever thought about wearing a suit in millennial pink tones? This shade of pink is beautiful and brings softness to your image.

Dressing well is essential for your life! That’s why it’s super important to pay attention to the choice of clothes and accessories. Understanding the meanings of the pieces and combinations gives you impactful looks.

Top Floral Perfumes Worth Buying

Floral scents are appealing as they’re both timeless and unique, allowing everybody to discover a flower-inspired aroma they like. Others like the brightness of floral notes and hydrangea to the enticement of roses and jasmine. Here are ten floral-scented fragrances for spring and early summer 2022, some of which are new, and others are top contenders.

Idôle Eau de Fragrance by Lancome.

Thanks to ingredients including bergamot, ripe pear, rosy peppercorns, honeysuckle, white perfume, and vanilla, this flowery perfume nonetheless smells fresh and light.

Fresh notes of brilliant citrus, pure rose, pristine jasmine, white musks, and vanilla combine in this Eau de perfume created by women for women.

The rose, the most delicate aristocratic and classic perfume component, lies at the heart of this scent. This unusual rose aroma is accompanied by jasmine abstractions, which produce a clean, powerful softness that blossoms elegantly.

Bergamot notes erupt with luscious pears and a hint of pink peppercorns, engulfing the smell like a cocoon.

Eau de Parfum Tiffany & Heart for Her by Tiffany and Co. 

This clean and delicate perfume is ideal for those who don’t want something too heavy or overbearing in the summer.

The scent begins with a rush of bright and dazzling floral notes, starting with azure basil — a botanical component created particularly for Tiffany — and citrus for an attractive freshness.

The scent is multidimensional and feminine, with a delicate floral fragrance of neroli at its center and a smoky combination of sapphire sequoia, vetiver, and cedarwood at its base. It was produced in France.

For Women by Dylan Turquoise by Versace.

Citrus, fruit, flowery, and earthy tones are all present in this scent. It has the scent of sunlight in a perfume.

Henry Rose’s Jake’s Home.

The perfume is reminiscent of relaxing by a poolside on a hot summer day, with base notes of neroli, peonies, and magnolia nestled between a fresh seafront and musky base.

Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb.

Flowerbomb is a delicious and spicy decadent floral aroma with magnolia, mandarin orange, vanilla, and incense elements. It is among the best-selling fragrances of all history.

Tom Ford’s Special Blend Roses Prick Eau de Perfume.

With the introduction of patchouli and peppercorn, Tom Ford transforms two types of rose. This rose fragrance is seductive and surprising, and it is far from traditional.

Christian Dior’s Lady Dior Blossoming Bouquet Eau de Cologne.

You can probably anticipate whatever this fan-favorite Lady Dior rendition smells like based on the name: roses, peonies, and white musk blend to produce a light, airy perfume.

Body Shaper Helps You Keep Your Slim Figure

I think a huge percentage of women around the world, really want to get and keep a slim figure. And as always, if you have already worked really hard in the gym to get it. It’s totally understandable that you will want to keep that slim figure, right?

One way to be able to achieve this is by using a body shaper or waist training. These will be undergarments used to smooth your silhouette and hide imperfections and also cinch your waist and some other body parts, to get them smaller.

Sculptshe Postpartum Faja Side Zipper Bodysuit

It is important to have in mind that body shapers are mostly used under clothing as I said before. Smooth your curves and your figure in general, and hide all those imperfections that give us women so many insecurities. They will give whoever is wearing them and whoever is watching the person that wears them, the illusion that they have an hourglass figure, flat stomach, and a curvier waist.

There are also other types of shapewear, like a plus size waist trainer that will work on training your waist to get smaller or cinched by the constant use of it. They can help you keep your slim figure, especially if you use them while you’re working out.

Sculptshe Seamless Tummy Control Bodysuit

When we look at slimming our bodies, I’m sure it really does go beyond looking good for special occasions or having confidence. It also goes beyond actually looking healthy, but it’s actually a lot more about the benefits to your health than losing some pounds can bring. Your blood pressure will decrease, reducing the risk of metabolic diseases and cardiovascular problems. Also reduces bad cholesterol, accumulated visceral fat, and triglycerides. As an added bonus you get much more energy and will be more responsive.

And all of this is great, but if you are really looking to achieve and keep that slimming figure, it is important that you know what can of shapewear help you get the results you’ve been wanting to get. So here are a few recommendations for choosing the best ones.

Choose a specific area to target

It is important that you select a shaper that is designed to work on the specific area you want to shape the most. When the shaper has targeted compression, it will slim areas you like. For example, your waist, your tummy, and thighs. And if you even want to enhance your booty, you can use some butt lifter straps.

Sculptshe Butt Lifter Tummy Control with Adjustable Strap

So, depending on the results you’re looking to achieve you have to look for the product with the specific design to achieve those specific results. Believe me, there are literally shapers for every part of the body and even some that will compress your whole body (well all the parts that tend to be everyone’s insecurities). If you want to add an extra layer to slim, then look for one that has a thermal layer, which is going to help your body stimulate the calorie-burning process in that area.

Know the compression level

When it comes to compression, the level that they have will give you the results you want. For example, one with higher compression will instantly make you look slimmer. Those with less compression are the ones that are ideal for you to use during longer times and will probably give you results in the long term. Both types are good, but you have to keep in mind for what occasion and purpose you’re getting that shaper.

Sculptshe High Waist Tummy Control Thong Bodysuit

Why Shapellx Shapewear Can be a Body Shape Solution?

Wearing shapewear is one of the most effective ways to create the ideal body shape that many women dream of. Nowadays, modern shapewear has even become a fashion item that women will not leave every day. No wonder the shapewear industry is increasingly innovative in creating products that are more sophisticated and comfortable to wear. As they said, modern shapewear isn’t just about making your tummy look flat, it’s giving you a fabulous hourglass body.

Every woman has different problems in her body, we know fat can accumulate anywhere, right? But you don’t need to worry because Shapellx provides various shapewear designs that you can choose according to your needs. The following are the types of shapewear that can be your best solution for your body problems based on honest customer reviews!

1. Shapellx Waist Belt For Beer Belly Solution

High waist jeans are very popular as a casual outfit this year. Besides being easy to combine with any top, the cut makes your legs look long and slim. But not all women are brave and comfortable wearing it, especially if you have a distended stomach. Well, according to a popular shapewear review, you need to try this waist belt from Shapellx!

This product is able to put high compression on the stomach and waist area to reduce its size and give an instant slimming effect. This waist trainer features an adjustable eye-and-hook and an easy-to-use outer waistband. With the design of nine boned structures, this product not only beautifies your body shape but also becomes good back support. Stylish with your favorite jeans and show off your beautiful curves? No need to worry!

2. Shapellx Butt Lifter For Saggy Buttocks Solution

You should know that sitting for too long can increase the risk of sagging buttocks. Not only has an impact on health problems, but sagging buttocks will also certainly damage your appearance. If you are an office worker who sits a lot while working, it is highly recommended to wear butt lifter shapewear to maintain and even beautify the shape of your hips and buttocks.

Shapellx offers shapewear that can create a beautiful silhouette on your body and buttocks with this very practical product. This butt lifter is designed to lift your buttock and make it look toned once you put it on. Made of elastic material and equipped with an open crotch design, making it is comfortable to wear all day.

3. Shapellx Waist & Thigh Slimmer For Corpulent Thighs Solution

Thighs that are too large probably make you insecure and interfere with your appearance. If so, you should try Shapellx’s shaping shorts. This product is targeted at the stomach and thigh area to create perfect curves. Not only flattens the stomach but also reduces the size of your waist and thighs instantly. It has a flattering design with easy-to-wear front hooks for a maximum slimming effect. This product has also received many positive reviews because of its lightweight material and is comfortable to wear all day long.

4. Shapellx Long Sleeve Body Shaper For Beefy Arms Solution

The arm is indeed a part of the body that will enlarge when a person gains weight. Fat and sagging arms will spoil your appearance. But, with shapewear bodysuits from Shapellx, you can easily hide your beefy arms in style. This long sleeve body shaper is made with soft, breathable, and comfortable fabric, equipped with soft flat elastic at the neckline and an open gusset design. You can also wear this shapewear as a trendy base outfit in winter.

If you want to do a workout to get permanent beautiful arms, then the 3 in 1 Workout Mix, which is equipped with a pair of arm trimmers, is also worth having. This product is ideal to help burn fat and shape your body during a workout. In addition to tightening your arms, this waist trainer set also helps to slim your waist and thighs.

5. Shapellx Full Bodysuit For All-In-One Solution

Do you want shapewear that gives an hourglass body shape quickly and easily? Then, this full bodysuit is worthy for you to try.

A full body shaper with this pretty design was created to be the solution for all the problems of an imperfect body shape. You will get all the beautifying effects of the body instantly, from lifting the breasts, tightening the arms, flattening the stomach, slimming the waist and thighs, also lifting the buttocks effectively. Ah, perfect! Can you refuse it?

Choosing the type of shapewear according to your body’s needs and problems is important to make the shapewear itself work more effectively. With the variety of designs that Shapellx offers, you can easily find the best solution to shape your ideal body. So, which shapewear suits you best?