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How to Become Slimmer? Try Shapewear

There is no doubt that everyone wants to look in their best shape at all times. If you want to look slimmer, then there is no better alternative than the best Shapellx shapewear. Shapellx has a wide assortment of economical and very comfortable shapewear products to suit your body shape and style.

Shapewear not only serves as a promising alternative for boosting your confidence about your looks but also great options for going the extra mile to look good. However, you can come across many challenges while shopping online for shapewear. So, here are five of the best shapewear products you can find on Shapellx and trust for the best comfort.

Adjustable Straps Underbust Thong Bodysuit Shapewear

The Adjustable Straps Underbust Thong Bodysuit Shapewear is one of the best tummy control underwear you can find on Shapellx. This shapewear bodysuit is available in nine different sizes, and the sensational lace trim design adds up to its appeal. You would find this shapewear bodysuit design comfortable for supporting your curves and achieving firm control. Comfort is never a question as you can adjust the straps according to your preference. The special thong design in this tummy control bodysuit not only accents your look but also fits comfortably.

AirSlim™ Seamless Thong Bodysuit
AirSlim™ Seamless Thong Bodysuit

Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper

If you have been looking for the perfect shapewear bodysuit, then there’s no need to look further. The Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper scores are high on material quality with 30% spandex and 70% nylon combination. You get two plastic bones that prevent curling, thereby keeping away any awkward moments. Most important of all, the three-layered abdomen design in this shapewear would provide a considerable boost for your tummy control. The lace and epoxy bottoms for legs give perfect placement for the shapewear and avoid frequent adjustment for comfort.

best shapewear for women
AirSlim™ Firm Tummy Compression Bodysuit Shaper with Butt Lifter

Three-Row Hooks Shapewear Bra and Body Shapewear

The 3-Row Hooks Shapewear Bra and Body Shapewear is also a great option if you are looking for something like a thong shapewear bodysuit. This is the perfect alternative that works well as an underwear bodysuit and tummy control shapewear. The ¾ sleeve design provides compression for the arms, and the chest compression film helps you try out different types of chest wear. Above everything else, you would find the high elasticity as one of the striking highlights in this shapewear.

best body shaper shapewear
AirSlim™ Back Support Posture Corrector Arm Slimmer

Seamless Full Body Shapers

Seamless full body shapers are also promising shapewear alternatives that you can try out for tummy training. The best thing about full-body shapers is that they fit perfectly for all dresses, skirts, and pants. The adjustable shoulder straps with the reverse zipper design make them feel like they are almost not there!

Body Shaper with Thigh Slimmer

Body shaper with thigh slimmer is also a great choice if you want an all-round elegant look. The floral lace hemline fits comfortably with your body and accents your shape in an appealing way. The effective support and compression for the abdominal region is another prominent benefit of this shapewear.

best shapewear bodysuits
AirSlim™ Power Body Shaper with Thighs Slimmer

You can explore a wide range of tummy control shapewear on Shapellx. Choose the one that fits you right!

Dress Cool Jumpsuits Perfect for Your Work Time

If you look back on the history of jumpsuits, there is nothing short of anything amazing that you would find. Basically, the first jumpsuits were a practical piece of clothing, specifically for parachuters and skydivers. It was in the 30s that jumpsuits started gaining attention in mainstream fashion.

Over many years of evolution, jumpsuits are now more than a signature style statement. In today’s times, there are practically no restrictions on where you can wear a jumpsuit to. Many women prefer to use jumpsuits in their office-outfit rotation for maintaining a uniform balance in their fashion. If you are looking for cool jumpsuits to take your work fashion one step ahead, then read on to find some of the top designs trending in 2020.

Linen-Cotton Mix Square-Neck Jumpsuit

The Linen-Cotton Mix Square-Neck Jumpsuit by Banana Republic stands true to its reputation as one of the top jumpsuit designs in 2020. The comfortable linen blend makes this jumpsuit a perfect option for hot days when dressing up can be a bit excruciating. The wide legs complemented with an asymmetrical buttoned front spark a unique fashion statement. A striped shirt underneath and a blazer on top of it; that’s all you need for the perfect modest yet comfortable office look.

Twill Jumpsuit

The Twill Jumpsuit by H&M is a must-have for the fashion-conscious working woman. The up-cycled sleeveless design picks a perfect length to just above the ankles. An adorable pair of sandals could be the icing on the cake is what you are looking at here! The adjustable straps, along with the button flap front pockets, deliver an ideal mix of functionality and fashion. This design would work perfectly in combination with a puff sleeve blouse or a thin-knit underneath garment for the office.

Alex Mill Jumpsuit

Do you want to go for a casual option among jumpsuits? Then, you must definitely try out the one-piece by Alex Mill. There is absolutely no effort you have to put here to look your best for the office. The Alex Mill jumpsuit complemented with a sizeable gold chain necklace would bring out prominence, and you can add a platform heel for a confident look. The spacious v-neckline also allows you to pick your favorite t-shirt or a printed turtleneck in your office fashion statement.

Denim Jumpsuit

The Denim Jumpsuit would always remain a timeless classic. Pick up a flare leg, zip-up jumpsuit with a collared neckline. Not to speak of, but the denim does all the work here in picking up your fashion quotient. The high waist accents your legs, and a chunky cardigan could be the right pairing for this jumpsuit.

Gingham Jumpsuit

The Gingham Jumpsuit by J. Crew is a general summertime print that you cannot miss out on. A lightweight fitted blazer with this jumpsuit can be the ideal office attire you have been looking for till now. Interestingly, there is no rule that you cannot wear this to pool parties or even barbecues!

As you can see, there are a lot of cool jumpsuit designs that can match the sophistication of offices. Explore now to find the perfect jumpsuit that matches you!

These Affordable ASOS Dresses Every Woman Can Wear

Everyone wants to wear uniquely-designed and stylish dresses to show off their style statements. But it has seen that when it comes to unique dresses, you will find such dresses with well-know brands or fashion retailers. So, the products come with a high price tag. This can create a big question like is there any brand or platform from where you are buying the best quality dresses at affordable prices? Yes, you can, and for this all, you need to visit the site of ASOS, a well-known retailer that deals with 850 brands, including its own designs. Now, let’s have a look at some best affordable ASOS dresses that you can buy.

  1. ASOS design wrap mini dress in high shine satin

This is a stylish and trending mini dress from ASOS DESIGN. This mini dress comes with a beautiful plunge neck design that makes you look super sexy. On the other hand, it has a wrap style that gives it a cool look, and you will find it quite comfortable to wear. Besides, the tie-waist datils look really modern. You will get long sleeves with button cuffs. It will cost you around £16.15.

  • ASOS design mini shift dress with feather fringe

No matter what is your style preference, this dress is designed to match your preference. The well-designed V-neck looks perfect, not revealing a major portion of the cleavage area. The faux-feather fringe attachment gives it a stylish look. For better comfort, it comes with zipping- back fastening and hook & eye closure. This is a regular fit dress. The cost is £22.50.

  • New look square puff sleeve midaxi dress

If you are looking for a dress for a day outing and that can keep you cool while offering maximum comfort, you can go for this dress. The best thing about it is with polka-dot print; this dress looks very stylish and trendy. The puff sleeves and square neck makes it a decent looking dress. The shoulder and cuffs have elastic material and come with midaxi length. The dress is available at $40, a little over $30, but still attractive, and we are willing to spend an extra $10 to get what we actually love.

  • ASOS Design lace midi dress with ladder trim design

No matter what is the event you are going to attain, this dress can be a perfect option for you. The V-neck design will make you appear sexy. The fixed cami straps give it a unique look. The ladder-stitch also looks great. Go for it. The cost is £22.50.

  • Missguided petite ruched side

This is a glamourous dress for all those ladies who want to have a sexy look that can stun others. Well, the snakeskin print and bandeau design make this dress looks more unique. With its bodycon fit, no one can stop you from showing off your slim figure. It comes with a price tag of £18.00.$product-page__main–2x$

Flaunt Your Fingure – Best Guide to Wearing a Plus Size Waist Trainer Best Plus Size Waist Trainer Online

If you want to get an attractive figure then you must try body trainer to get rid of the body fat. It is made of two-three layered fabric which increases and maintains the temperature of the body. This enhances excess perspiration which results in losing water weight from the targeted area. There are several types of waist trainers available in different price ranges. You can find top quality waist trainers at, the most visited online women clothing store. It has some special waist trainers for you:

2 in 1 Sweaty High Waist Adjustable Thigh Trimmer

This plus size waist trainer comes with a double layer of composite neoprene. It works on both abdomen regions as well as on the thighs. It is comfortable to wear. You keep it wearing even an hour after the work out as it locks the temperature and makes you sweat more. It is thick and firm.

2 in 1 Sweaty High Waist Adjustable Thigh Trimmer

2 in 1 Sweaty High Waist Adjustable Thigh Trimmer

Zipper Detachable Straps Postsurgical Body Shaper

It is something that you sure don’t want to lose if you want to get a slim body. You can wear it beneath any dress. It has removable shoulder straps to let you wear those strapless dresses. There is also one-one rubber bone present on both sides to prevent curling. The crotch is featured with hook closure. There is a lace opening at the leg which makes the piece look beautiful.

Zipper Detachable Straps Postsurgical Body Shaper

Zipper Detachable Straps Postsurgical Body Shaper

Plus Size Black Latex Double Belts Sticker Vest Shaper

This plus size black latex waist shaper is worn for the enhancement of thermal activity so as to increase the perspiration in the body. It has two belts attached to it to strengthen the fit and zip closure is also present in it which makes sure that is fastened tightly around the abs. The latex material helps in waist shaping.

Plus Size Black Latex Double Belts Sticker Vest Shaper

Plus Size Black Latex Double Belts Sticker Vest Shaper

Adjustable Crotch Hooks Tight Bodyshort Shapewear

This waist trainer gives maximum compression to the body. It also covers thighs and it is perfect to wear any type of clothing. Its U-bust design also enhances the look of the breasts. You can keep wearing it all day it is as comfortable. The open bust design allows you to wear a bra as per your comfort.

Adjustable Crotch Hooks Tight Bodyshort Shapewear

Adjustable Crotch Hooks Tight Bodyshort Shapewear

Flatten Tummy Bodysuit Shapewear

This shapewear can be worn for slimming of the waist, tummy, hips, and back. There is glue present on it which prevents curling. There wide straps attached to it apply less pressure on the shoulders.

Flatten Tummy Bodysuit Shapewear

Flatten Tummy Bodysuit Shapewear

Get Some Tips for Celebrities’ Makeup Artists

They look beautiful and sexy. Their look can easily blow off someone’s mind. Who are they? They are the celebrities whom you always look with different types of make-up. No matter what types of make-up they have, you just love it. So, want to have a make-up look just like them? Whether you want to know how to make your favorite lipstick to last longer or how to get a perfect cat-eye look, you will get the best tips here given by celebrities’ make-up artists. So, let’s have a look at those tips.

  1. While applying mascara, you a spoon

Mascara is for eyes, not for eyelids. But sometimes you may end up with a little bit of mascara on your lids. Well, there is a perfect solution to avoid this, and all you need to use a spoon. Place the spoon’s end underneath the eyelashes and apply the mascara. All the excess products will now be on the spoon instead of your eyelids.

  1. Don’t apply concealer on eyelids

You might be in love with applying concealer or any type of foundation to the eyelids to create a base. Well, if possible, try to avoid this thin. Applying the concealer under the eyes is an ideal way to cover the dark circles as well as under-eye bags. However, when you apply on your eyelids, it can affect your make-up by developing creased.

  1. For a cat-eye look use spoon or tape

Want to achieve that killer cat-eye look at home with your eyeliner? Well, it is easy to get the perfect shape and flick. And for this, all you have to use is a spoon or a tape that you have in your home. Create a straight line starting from the eye’s outer corner with the help of a spoon edge. Then, you need to trace near the curved edges from the flick end, going down to the lashes. That’s it, and now you are all set to get that look. When you have the right tips, getting perfect make-up is quite easy.

  1. A perfect way to shape your eyebrows

Shaping the eyebrows will not be a difficult task anymore when you follow these steps. Begin by brushing the eyebrows using a spoolie to make the hairs sit perfectly. Now, using a waxy brown pen, shape the brow’s the outside area. Then, use the flatter section of the pen and fill the brows using the hair-like stroke.


  1. Using the eyelash curler

Always try to heat up the curler before applying it. You can use the regular blow dryer for that. After that, let it cool a little and clamp your lashes to keep them lifted.



How Amazing Is The Women’s Bodysuit

Women are an amazing creation. And the fact that a woman can carry another human in her body, precious is an understatement. Due to some of the facts, the woman’s body changes. For her to maintain her beautiful figure, she has to think of the best shapewear bodysuit. This is one of the clothing that should not miss in her closet.

A bodysuit is part of an undergarment that looks like a one-piece swimsuit. It offers full coverage of your body that includes your torso and hips. Most of them often connect with hooks and eyes or small snaps in the crotch. This allows you to open at the bottom when you visit the washrooms without having to undress the entire outfit.

wholesale body shapers

The main advantage of having a bodysuit is it has both fashion and practical reasons. Practically, it ensures that your garments are intact without having to worry about them shifting. For fashion reasons, is that it stays tucked in and offers a seamless look.

plus size shapewear bodysuits


Shapewear bodysuits are made of various materials that can be sheer or opaque. They also come in sleeves or sleeveless but often they are stretchy. Usually, the entire garment is made from the same material. However, you can come across some that have different materials top and bottom.

best body shaper


Depending on your body type and how you want to shape your bum, you can choose to have a thong, Brazilian, bikini, or any panty option. Some are shorts that are the most popular. They are either high cut up on the thigh or low cut.

wholesale body shapers


They are both good for daywear or nightwear. Most of them are best suited for daytime because of their style and material. Some are sexier and are worn as lingerie at night. Though you can mix and match as you wish.

cheap shapewear

A bodysuit is an amazing garment for every woman. I suggest that you try some from feelingirldress waist trainer for yourself. Put them on to see what makes your body look better. It is all about feeling good when dressing. Get creative too by wearing a sheer style with a cool lace bra and see how you feel.

We Promise These Lipsticks Look Good on Every Skin Tone

When it comes to lipsticks, we’ve seen and attempted them all. So when somebody asks “which shade is the most popular” , “ yea but will it look good on me though?” we’re more than prepared to answer. The appropriate answer can be found by carefully listening to many women’s conversations about their favorite shades that can be worn throughout the day, stay in place for the longest time and look amazing while doing so. Most of the times we find ourselves talking about the same colors and brands over and over again, they’re so popular they’re known alone by sight, number, or name.

To see whether their cases genuinely hold up, we listen to what many ladies with different skin tones have to say about five of the most raved-about shades on social media.

For women lipsticks are the the one beauty product they can’t live without. Need a some confidence boost ? Apply your preferred shade, and you’re in a split second feeling better!

Nars Schiap



All thought it might seem very bold and eye catching at first sight this shade of pink looks amazing on all skin tones and with pretty much every outfit style. Summer is the perfect season to put on your favorite light color lipstick unapologetically throughout the day (and night).

Ruby Woo by Mac

 Probably one of the most well known shades of red out there to this day, Ruby Woo by Mac is notorious for complimenting all and every skin tone . There has been a time when this shade was the number one most sold shade in the US and is still adored by many celebrities and social media influencers.

Brownie by Bobbi Brown





Brownie by Bobbi Brown offers the perfect pinkish-brown shade that can easily be adapted to the color of your lips and get the most amazing results. Since we are talking about a well-established pro cosmetic brand the quality and long lasting effects are guaranteed. It’s also a great option for the days that you don’t feel like wearing any makeup but still want to look a little glam


5 Floral Print Dress Styles to Shop This Season at Affordable Price

The dress with floral prints is about having fun with fashion and welcoming the joy of the summers. The floral print is trending for many years and it will never go out of the fashion. The floral print dresses look extremely pleasing. You can wear floral print dresses on any occasion, be it wedding parties, dinner parties, beach parties, etc. It looks great on all shades from light to dark. There are many sites that supply dresses wholesale.

If you are interested to buy floral print dresses at a reasonable price then you can order it from Some of the floral print dress styles are given below.

Glam Mother-Grils Dress Flower Printed For Walking
Fashion comes and goes but the glamorous look that you will get from this floral print dress will always in trend. This is a mother-girls floral dress that makes you feel so sweety. The unique style creates stunning curves, makes you and your girl more beautiful, fashionable, and elegant.

Glam Mother-Grils Dress Flower Printed For Walking

Glam Mother-Grils Dress Flower Printed For Walking

Edgy White Tropical Plants Midi Dress

Classy, sexy, and beautiful are the words that perfectly describe this dress. This dress has a tie-back halter neck that shows your beauty bone. This dress has split and backless design with beautiful and light floral print all over that gives you a sexy look.

Edgy White Tropical Plants Midi Dress Halter Neck Catch Eyes

Edgy White Tropical Plants Midi Dress Halter Neck Catch Eyes

Enthralling Wine Red Floral Print Maxi Dress

This dress has an eye-catching look. This dress has a crew neck design that makes you look gorgeous. The smooth and simple hem outline makes your curves look more beautiful. This floral print maxi dress has a high waist that makes you look slim and tall. The floral print on this dress makes it more stylish.

Enthralling Wine Red Floral Print Maxi Dress High Rise

Enthralling Wine Red Floral Print Maxi Dress High Rise

Good-Looking Floral Printed Dress Long Sleeve Tie Elegant

This dress has long sleeves that create an elegant style and flattering look. This dress has a deep V neck that makes you relaxed and comfortable. The mini length makes it easy to wear.

Good-Looking Floral Printed Dress Long Sleeve Tie Elegant

Good-Looking Floral Printed Dress Long Sleeve Tie Elegant

Glam Hollow Out White Lace Dress High-Low Cut Hem

You will love the comfort offered by the dress because of the breathable soft fabric. This dress has a V neck that shows your sexy clavicle. This summer dress has back cut out design and hollow lace on the waist. The floral print on this dress gives an exotic feeling. This dress is perfect for a variety of occasions and you can complement this lace summer dress with sandals and heels.

Glam Hollow Out White Lace Dress High-Low Cut Hem Wholesale

Glam Hollow Out White Lace Dress High-Low Cut Hem Wholesale

These Are the Best Shapewear to Hide Your Lower Belly Pooch All You Need to Know About the Different Types of Shapewear

Let’s face it , women pay extra attention to their waist area and can instantly take notice of every minor difference . For many ladies – including yourself I suppose if you are reading this article- having a flat stomach is the ultimate goal. But what if , for many different reasons, you are not able to reach the results you desire by eating healthy and going to the gym?. Muffin tops are known to be a woman’s worst enemy BUT , fear not! We have the perfect solution to get rid of your lower belly pooch – aka muffin top- in just a few minutes. How? Clearly, the most ideal approach is to  “camouflage it”. How to choose the best shapewear for lower belly pooch ? Well, keep reading.

Best waist trainer with shorts

waist cincher for women

Waist trainers, consider them your closet besties – easy to wear, effective, and very flattering. They cover your waist by highlighting your curves while instantly prolonging and smoothing out your legs. Except if you have zero thigh fat, they’ll keep your body firm and complement your booty. The Neoprene Sweat Body shaper shorts is the best waist trainer for women , the easiest way to hide your muffin top AND burn more calories due to the fabric that naturally increases sweating – if used while working out-.The elastic waist panel offers secure fit and abdomen control.

best shapewear shorts

Moving on to the Compression body shaper with butt lift. What’s the best thing about it? It’s literally virtually invisible due to the front cut effect that does not restrict your bust. The straps are adjustable and the inner layer is breathable in order to be dry and comfortable throw-out the day . The best choice for low cut fitted dresses and midi skirts.

shaper panty
thong shapewear bodysuits

The high waist firm control shaper panty Is specifically made for the women who want to camouflage their lower belly fat and create the illusion of an hourglass silhouette with minimum effort . Additionally Shapellx shapewear can be used as a mean to relieve you of back pain due to the shaping belt – perfect to keep your core and back muscles straight – .

Best Streetstyle Trends from Around the World for 2020

Powersuits are once again on-trend due to their versatility and comfortness  – you can just throw one on and go. Many women prefer to wear theirs oversized despite the fact they’re quite masculine. They can bring out your sexy self with minimum effort – it’s more about what you’re not showing. Tailored pieces always make a woman look more empowered yet effortlessly chic.

Tailored clothing is known to be one of the key pieces for 2020 in too. They are additionally into more style forward combos like the shorts suit, the twofold breasted overcoat, and creased pants. Present days tailored clothing are not what your father used to wear on his business meetings. It’s all about comfort that can also be styled with your favorite athleisure brands

Luxury brand continue their love relationship with ample full-look even for summer, thankfully with some vegan alternatives too and social media adores it.  Oversized coats , leather skirts and bermudas in neutral tones , specifically in every hue of brown are ruling streetstyle fashion . This time all about creating pieces that can be worn all year round no matter the season.

Edward berthelot getty images

The neon trend is back once again along with its die hard followers and sworn enemies. On one hand neon is too bold to wear daily but enough of a statement to catch everyone’s eye. Fluorescent colors in many acid shades have been spotted. Fuchsia seems to be everyone’s favorite and for a good reason. If styled properly can be a great complement to many different skin tones plus, it’s probably the easiest color to style.

As seen on many runway collections from Prada, Bottega Veneta and more, orange the one color every woman needs to have in her wardrobe in 2020. Orange and all its hues can be styled as a fool statement look like a tailored suit or as an individual bold piece like a top, hoodie or a pair of sandals. Once again this year proves that Athleisure is not a passing fashion trend but a movement made for people who adore being comfortable and stylish.