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Dua Lipa squeaked in a thin swimsuit: “This is too sexy!”

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This first-rate beauty has always celebrated her 23rd birthday in a true heroine style, as she lives in Ibiza and is surrounded by her closest people.

One Kiss female singer ensures to relax and sunbathe after all parties.

On Wednesday, in her official Dua Lipa Instagram account, the brunette was taking off her white bikini while bathing in the sun.

On a bench in a picturesque garden, the UK – Kosovo stars flashed through her every inch of killer’s physique, showing her bodybuilding legs and trimming the waist, while suggesting her plump cleavage.

For frank shooting, make-up free makeup, when she looked into the distance, Dua watched the goddess throw a typical seductive grin every inch.

In all sunbathing situations, it is no surprise that she did emit a very healthy glow.

Undoubtedly, Dua’s 17 million Instagram fans appeared in groups in a lively moment of comment.

One user wrote: “Happy bday queen!”

The second claim: “Happy birthday of the popular queen.”

The third fan asked: “Hey, why is it so hot?”

The fourth person exclaimed: “Dua, please stop all these sexy, it is too much!”

Although the last admirer just said: “Slaaaayyyy. Goddess.”

Just the day before, the singer of Hotter Than Hell shared her seemingly hangover voice as she sat next to a series of colorful birthday balloons.

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