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TOWIE’s Amber Turner shows her sensational figure in a very sexy swimsuit as she serves Dan Edgar on the beaches of Sardinia

On Thursday, TOWIE star Amber Turner mimicked a series of very sexy swimwear as she launched a storm on the beaches of Sardinia.

This pretty blonde is wearing a lemon print number, which has a diagonal strap detail and a matching cover as she adds her tan in the sun.

After returning to their hotel, she was portrayed as capturing her appearance because she took a selfie with her mobile phone while her boyfriend Dan was behind.

After a day of fun, with his laptop and a series of Louis Vuitton accessories, the heart’s swaying filled his belongings.

He generously brought Amber’s high heels to her and some of her products.

Then Amber became her man again, and Dan became a black, strapless two-piece suit that perfectly complemented her golden yellow.

In order to extend her figure, when she stood in front of her familiar Essex co-star, she slipped her trimmed feet into a pair of black lace-up sandals.

When she photographed the storm for the camera, her blonde lock came down from her shoulder, and when she did, her body appeared confident.

The couple are in Sardinia and they are shooting an episode for the ITVBe reality show TOWIE.

Amber and Dan eventually turned things into formal, and Lothario claimed he was ready to promise the blonde in the warmly anticipated ending of May. Since then, the couple have enjoyed a series of sunny holidays, as their romantic blooms seem to be getting stronger.

Since she first joined the TOWIE crowd, it seems that the lovebird is after Amber’s eyes are on him.

When the King Kong actor left Tenerife, the blonde deceived her boyfriend Jamie Reed for four years.

Until the end, the couple had endured an open/close romance and had seen them separated many times, so there is no doubt that fans will focus on what will happen next.

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