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Mary Jane Swim pushes nine capsule collections to CBD fashion

Adult leisure cannabis has been legalized in nine states and the District of Columbia, but walking along many city streets may indicate a greater number.

As more and more states try to follow similar roads, two fashion executives who support the CBD are working with Mary Jane Swim to build their own. Co-founders Diane Walker and Stacey Demar borrowed the names of their own companies from the street names.

They only need three months to bring their company together. They founded Sweenie Manufacturing in 2008 to produce swimwear and manufacturing for other brands. After discovering and experimenting with non-psychoactive substances of marijuana, 18 months ago, they said they found it could change lifestyles, relieve arthritic back pain, disc herniation and other sports injuries.

Part of the sale will benefit athlete care, an organization founded by former professional athletes who advocate research, education and compassion related to health issues. “They are pro-marijuana, but they are also concerned about the health problems faced by former athletes and the public in the opioid crisis. We are all very active, which runs counter to the Stoner culture, which many people think is based on cannabis. It hasn’t really entered the fashion world. It’s really big in food, drinks, fitness and beauty in New York, and it’s clear that marijuana and CBD are everywhere. Nursing athletes really focus on the health and health of the big picture, what we can do here is Promote a healthy, active lifestyle, including CBD and marijuana.”

Using a subtle approach to labeling cannabis leaf design, the pair is trying to normalize cannabis and promote the CBD. “Obviously, there is a huge crisis of opioids, I am very fortunate and have not been inhaled. I have been in chronic pain for many years,” Demar said.

For millennials, the brand will initially be available directly to consumers in March, the first of which will be nine capsule collections. Mary Jane Swim also has strategic partnerships in Cannabis Space in New York and Los Angeles, and Demar calls it “very cooperative and very small.” It has alliances with cannabis media companies such as Cannabis Magazine and Emerald Magazine, and has worked with cannabis enthusiasts. Mary Jane Swim will also hold pop-up shop soles in pharmacies and coffee shops. Demar realized that the swimwear space was very crowded. He said: “We are the only ones who can now enter this space.”

Women’s tanks and bikinis retail for $100, and men’s swimwear for $65. The next season’s plans will include eco-friendly fabrics such as hemp and organic cotton, as well as more lifestyle brands such as Hawaiian shirts, blouses, beach towels and button-down shirts. Nine new cannabis style prints will be launched.

Walker has worked in design, procurement and production management for many years in Europe and Asia for Wal-Mart, Macy’s, J.C. Public marketers such as Penney and Forever provide services. Sports and fitness leader Demar has worked at the Chelsea Pier Sports Center for 15 years. With Mary Jane Swim, Walker is more focused on design and Demar is responsible for business development and marketing. Once Mary Jane Swim is fired, they hope to participate in next year’s Coachella and Telluride Bluegrass Festival.

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