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The Popular Engagement Rings Shapes

Engagements are a huge deal in a person’s life, especially as it takes you one step closer to your big day! It’s always a fabulous feeling having your sparkly engagement ring adorning your hands. Gone are the days when the stone size mattered and everyone fawned upon it.

Now, the new fashion has to be the various shapes the rings come in! There are many such styles in the market, and these sure are getting viral! Here’s bringing the topmost attractive engagement ring shapes for your special day!

1. The Round Cut sported by Hailey Baldwin Beiber!

This is the most common and most popular cut as it brings out maximum sparkle and looks absolutely elegant. These are beautiful with solitaire diamonds and can even be shaped in two or three-stone settings. This is a classic style and is seen a lot. You can’t go wrong with this one! Justin Beiber’s fiance deserved no less than this classic and beautiful style! We see her don this classic piece as her engagement ring in July 2018!

2. The Emerald-Cut seen on Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato and others!

This is very angular and utilizes the silhouette effect for its beauty. They are preferred to be set vertically and help fingers look leaner and longer. This is understated and very classy and is preferred by people who like to keep it simple. This has been seen on Jennifer Lopez during her engagement with Alex Rodriguez in 2019! We’ve even seen Paris Hilton and Demi Lovato prefer this style of an engagement ring!

3. The Oval-Cut worn by Scarlett Johannson

This is an oval-shaped, elegant style of engagement ring that sparkles widely and effectively. A salt-and-pepper oval cut is always preferred in order to prevent any flaws that could ruin the beauty of these rings. The beautiful Scarlett Johannson preferred this style in 2019 during her engagement to Colin Jost.

4. The Pear-Cut worn by Cardi B

This is a beautiful teardrop-shaped diamond set on various ring styles that displays elegance and classiness. It is vintage-inspired and it looks beautiful on any type of hand. This cut makes the stones appear larger than they are and gives hardiness to the ring. Look at Cardi B pull this style off with complete grace and sparkle in 2017!

5. The Asscher Cut donned by Pippa Middleton

This style got famous after Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City donned it during her engagement to Aidan Shaw. It is octagonal in shape and has unique geometry that helps bring out the radiance and the sparkle. This is ideal for someone who wants a unique and fashionable engagement ring! Pippa Middleton sported this style during her engagement to James Matthews.

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