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Denise Welch in Bikinis nightclub, body confidence and books

Denise Welch’s northeast accent is a light and vitality that she drives from her phone in her Cheshire home.
Denise Welch’s northeast accent is a light and vitality that she drives from her phone in her Cheshire home. Welch received the best drama Drama Award in 2006, and Waterloo road actor. (PA). “I very love bikinis and said, posted photos, see, you have a wobbly belly and what is not important, I think I don’t look too bad, my age, don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t wear womens bikinis sale!

“This is a confidence in women’s body, especially who will be disappointed with themselves,” she said. Tomorrow, Welch appears at the raworths Harrogate literary festival to talk about her new book, if they can see me now. Her first novel describes the story of power and courage, focusing on her heroine, Harper Clarke. Everyone thinks Harper’s life is perfect, but they can’t see what’s on the door.

Her husband was a bully, she was oppressed, but not long. It was praised by popular writers such as Marian Keyes and Martina Cole, and received several heated comments. This is my first foray into a novel. It’s not like some writers wanted to write when they were young, and I wanted to know the story, but that’s not the case. “I have an idea at the beginning of a story, and I think it’s a good beginning, and it comes from there,” she said. As a two biographer, pulling me off, it’s inevitable that people want to know if her novel reflects her life. ”

Someone asked me, if it was an autobiographical novel, I finished my autobiography, so it wasn’t, but obviously, especially when I was a young novelist, I was going to write something, I know.” For example, Harper, like the author, is an actor from the Northeast town. Mental health is a theme echoed in her writing.

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Welch is not afraid of taking on tough problems, such as teenagers fighting against obesity and bullying. “Does that mean I start something randomly on the street, but there’s something I’m passionate about. “I also love powerful women and women who know themselves, and women back to work, whether they choose to give up work or” encourage “to give up work, so I hope that Harper is a strong woman.” With her career as a veteran, Coronation Street and loose women’s team, she admitted taking cocaine and alcoholism and filming Corrie. How bad is it? She said, “I really don’t want to go on a large scale right now.”

“I have my addiction, this is a very painful part of my life, I wake up now, has been five and a half years is very open, and Lincoln (her husband), I give up together, this is the best thing I ever did, but I just don’t influence on the whole family. “It’s a terrible, terrible disease. Lincoln and I were lucky to find each other, support each other and give up drinking. It changed my life. I’m entering 60 next year, feeling much better physically and mentally than entering 40, I’m 50.”

She spoke of the importance of mental health in the first film, a unity of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry movement, with thinking and other mental health charity, social change about the psychological problems. Stress is a “broken heart” for young people, and she sees mental health ambassadors as acting or acting. She wrote that her first autobiography was the way she took control. “The press always makes me sad.”I know I was hacked to death seven years, so there is no help for it, my mental health is harmful. “They write their opinions on me every day. I decide to control, I do have a problem, but I want to talk about the truth of these problems, rather than what the media says about me.

She said: “this is a very painful period, especially after many years, they found that many of the stories they come into contact with are from hackers, which is really destructive.” In this autobiography, I found the first one very cathartic. “The second is an impact on me. It’s called” restart. ”

I don’t think I’ve started from scratch. It’s painful. I’m destined to write about re starting. I’ve only taken the first step. Now I work in a non fiction title, Staying Sober, Staying Slim, Staying Sane, and the person who answers the question asks me in everyday life. How do you stay awake? How do you keep slim? Many people want to change, but that doesn’t mean they will change.

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