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These Simple Designer Handbags You Should Have

Most of the women love to have a designer handbag that looks classic as well as stylish. In fact, such bags make them feel happy and luxurious. Another major benefit of the designer handbags is they will last for years. Sometimes you will find them as a better investment piece. Apart from this, a well and uniquely designed handbag will go well with your clothes and help you in looking stylish. So, are you looking for some simple designer handbags that you can buy under your budget? If yes, there here are some product options for. Check them out now.

  1. Tory Burch designer tote bags

The popularity of designer tote is now increasing rapidly. This is a bag that the users will get a lot of use from. Your bag is super comfortable to carry and can use it to carry all your

  1. Chanel 2.5

There is no doubt that the classic flap bag is one of the most widely used and loved handbag among women across the world. Superior level quality, quilted leather, amazing allure, and more are some major elements that have made this all-time favourite bag among women from all age groups. With a simple design, the bag appears stylish too.

  1. The classic box bags

Well, only the diehard fashion freak will know that the Box Bag was not created by Phoebe Philo. This highly used and adorned handbag is the redesigned version of Celine Bag. The box has been in trend since 1970. The modern version comes with a super sleek design, and you will definitely look stylish with this.

  1. Kate Spade shoulder bags

When it comes to naming a handbag designer whose bags fulfil all the requirements to be called as bags of affordable luxury, then Kate Spade will be on the top. While the market was controlled by a high-end option, the designer cleverly launched the brand in the market. You can easily get a handbag designed by Kate Spade by paying around USD 300. Besides, there are cheaper options where the bags are made of Nylon material.

  1. Lady Dior bag

If you are in search of a true classic bag, then the Lady Dior is there for you. Princess Dianna was the person who gave the bag an iconic status. The designer wanted to craft a bag that can get instant recognition and can create an identity in the market. This bag has fulfilled that. The bag is manufactured in the year 1994, and now the design of the bag has gone through a major revolution.


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