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Australian designers say her sexy swimsuit can empower women

Not long ago, women’s bathing suits seemed to be confined to classic one-piece or triangular womens bikinis sale .
Now, with so many innovative designs, buying a basic swimsuit seems like a waste of opportunity.
Byron Bay company snrklbr (pronunciation snorkelbear) is a mixed innovation history. Owner and designer Laura Smith is taking an old school swimsuit, giving it a modern twist. I’ve never found a swimsuit I like, so I always buy all my womens bikinis sale  from the shops and antique stores.

womens bikinis sale
“I like all these styles and shapes. They have so many personalities. My design was rather rude compared to my antiques, but I planted the best design elements, from my favorite tracks, to print and create a new style.”
Even though Lara admits that many of her designs are “inadequate”, she says there is no reason why women avoid certain styles of swimwear.
She said, “unless you try, you’ll never know.”. At first I wasn’t so confident, and when I got the first sample, I thought it was too much, but I thought, “you know what?” I’ll try and see how I feel, and those styles grow on me. Wearing them gives me confidence, and I think that’s true for many women.
“It can actually give people tremendous strength, help women feel more comfortable on the skin, and accept their body. But, say, there must be women uncomfortable, my style. I have a lot of friends now, mom. It’s not their business. It doesn’t matter.”

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