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Daring to bare! Topless sunbakers and women in skimpy bikinis beating the heat on beaches face hefty $1100 FINES

Beachgoers wearing barely-there swimwear or even nothing at all could receive $1100 fines for doing so.
Those daring to bare at Sydney’s many beaches could get the hefty fines or be forced to leave under legislation.
But they aren’t likely to get one, as the laws are old and councils have relaxed the enforcement of them, according to The Daily Telegraph.
The laws were created in a time when the approach to swimwear was much more conservative.However, attitudes have shifted – and so have the costumes, many becoming smaller and smaller.
A risqué coffee shop has been criticised for the barely-there uniform its waitresses are instructed to wear.

Bikini Beans Espresso in Washington offers customers a unique experience as workers serve hot drink in hardly any clothes at all.
The glamorous women cover their nipples with tiny stickers paired with some very skimpy

Other women can opt to wear a full bikini set while serving their predominantly male customers.
It’s National Bikini Day! Which is the perfect excuse to look back at the most stylish bikini-wearers of all time. From Brigitte Bardot, to Princess Diana, behold the ultimate swimwear icons to wear the design since it was first invented in July 1946 by Louis Réard, a French mechanical engineer, who anticipated what women (and men) would want from swimwear in the latter part of the 20th century but whose name has largely been forgotten.
His label was, rather appropriately, relaunched earlier in the summer.

Considered by many to be the original and the best Bond girl, Ursula Andress’s Honey Ryder emerged from the sea in this teeny bikini in ‘Dr. No’, getting hearts racing in 1962.

Kylie is a pro at suiting up in a swimsuit, so it comes as no surprise to see her add bathing suits to her new collection — and if there’s anything she loves more than bikinis, it’s camouflage! Her new merch promises to be all-camo-everything. The star clearly stuck to her signature style when she created the sexy swimsuit. She showed off her curves, (and her cleavage), as she posed with her new short hair in the photo.

If you can’t wait to snag the look, you’re in luck. Kylie’s exact camo bikini will be available tomorrow, June 8, at 10AM PST, when the latest collection of her merchandise drops. The Instagram page also promoted new lighters in three different camouflage colorways with the caption: “everything camo #tomorrow.” Knowing Kylie, there’s way more camo where that came from. The star often incorporates the print into her covetable street style looks, and now she’s bringing the trend to her fans.

A spokesman for Waverley Council spokesman said they ‘never’ had issues with toplessness at Bondi.

South in Cronulla, a spokesman for the Sutherland Shire said it was rare to receive a complaint about nudity and no fines had been issued in recent years.

The region also has its share of nudist or clothing optional beaches, many of which are sign posted or obviously marked.

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