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All the bets were turned off by Georgia TOEFL’s funny action. After a frank chat, bikini was the most famous star of the celebrity.

Lovely 23 year old socialite 9/1 is now the king of the jungle.

The second Iain Lee Libo love in 7 / 1.

Tell the boss that it is “fan” give-it-a-go Georgian positive reaction is very happy.

And industry experts predict that winning the Sunday finals will bring her career to a new height — the success of previous winners Scarlett Moffatt and Vicky Pattison.

One source said, “everyone is showing a happy Toff.

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“She is the target of the contract this year, although she is the least famous one.

“The audience hopes she will like to be in the camp and attract some young audiences, but she’s completely stealing the performance.

“What’s a dim year between campmates discussion, she basically keeps the series. She’s an absolute bargain, too. ”

The Sun reported that she was paid 13000 pounds in a three week performance, making her the lowest income star in the series. Boxer Amir Khan made 300000 pounds.

Posh Georgia won her contagious personality fans and the waterfalls in the jungle shower a series of womens bikinis sale .

She was also happy to open her own private life, admitting that the jungle helped her recover from her boyfriend James Middleton.

She told campmate Vanessa White: “I was going to South Africa with my ex boyfriend, and we broke up.

“I’m good, I’ve thought about it, but I want to use this to restore my confidence.”

“My confidence was hit by a big blow.

“It happened so fast before I came here.

“I think I’m going to leave for so long, no phone or anything, I hope my confidence will come back.”

“I want to be a former me.”

Last night’s show see her put fish guts and stench of garbage on the motility of Jamie Lomas in a trial.

In the past challenges she was buried in jungle animals and Amir, and drinking mixed crocodile anus.

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