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What is the bra of a bomb? The secret of Victoria open the Grafton Street tomorrow

Vitoria’s secret, American womens bikinis sale brand, opened its flagship Dublin store on Tuesday’s gate.

A traditional woman, as you imagine, my 2700sq lingerie store has a pink accent and charming artistic decoration details.

The wall is full of supermodel images and videotapes, playing video of the Victoria secret fashion show.

Although there will be more fans than Vitoria’s biggest fans, they hope more purple furniture, there is also a turning point in Dublin: “store design” is unique to Dublin to get a new level of sex.

The fascination and charm of the seamless integration of the front is the embodiment of the original medieval characters, “a spokesman said.

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Even if you have never been involved in a secret store in Vitoria, its good reputation is ahead of it.

The brand has made billions of dollars around the world by selling brightly coloured womens bikinis sale and turning its fashion show into annual TV play.

The company has a group of “angel”, a group of selected representatives including Bella Hadid and supermodel Josephine Skriva; Heidi Klum, Gisele B and Naomi Campbell Angels are also ndchen.

They sit in a Victoria Secret lingerie show, such as the weeknd of Rhianna and Harry Styles.

From the usual position of the United States or Europe, it shows that it was held in Shanghai this year, the 33 billion lingerie market and brand entry into Asia for the first time in China.

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