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Show Reece what he lacks? Tammy Hembrow takes off her bikini after her former fiance Hawkins’ new girlfriend, London Goheen, slams the Instagram star

In August, after Kylie Jenner collapsed at the age of 21, Tammy Hembrow’s personal life continued to attract interest.

On Saturday, the fitness entrepreneur showed her the former fiancé Reece Hawkins, who disappeared in a beautiful bikini photo shared with Instagram.

A few days after Reece’s new girlfriend, Goheen, London, swept Tammy, the single mother showed her amazing figure in a white bikini while holding her two daughters, Saskia.

“I want to spend every moment of the day with you,” the fitness influencer added a title to the photo.

This social media report is a few days after a thin attack on Tammy in London.

London uses Avril Lavigne’s lyrics title selfie: ‘Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your girlfriend.

Other lyrics in this song include “She is like this, anyway, you can do better” and ‘So when does it start? She is too stupid, what are you thinking about?

A fan wrote “shot fireddddd” after seeing Avril’s lyrics in the model’s title, but London responded directly to the user and wrote: “Not just a song bbbbby.”

This post seems to be a direct attack on Tammy, who shares two children with Reece-Saskia, two and Wolf.

Reece, who broke up with social media star Tammy four years later, made his debut in London, his new girlfriend last week.

On Tuesday, London also released an Instagram video showing her holding hands with Reece while walking.

Tammy conducted a thin excavation in Reece throughout the week, including a post suggesting that their split is more open than the public.

“If people know the truth about some people, that’s people. “My tongue bites too much, and when I finish, it will bleed,” read a shared post on Tuesday.

Tammy’s mysterious meme may be in response to Reece’s holiday with the American model London, titled “Keep Real”.

Another post that Tammy shared last week suggested being abused.

“The breakup is hurt, but losing someone who doesn’t respect and appreciate you is actually a reward, not a loss…” she wrote before deleting.

This post seems to be in response to the Daily Mail’s exclusive report on Friday in Australia, confirming the relationship between Rees and London.

In the June YouTube video, Tammy clarified that her disagreement with Reece was not because of infidelity.

“After a month or two, I decided to end things with Reece. He didn’t deceive me, I didn’t deceive him. It’s not like that at all,” she said.

“I don’t want others to think that we just give up. Most people know that relationships are very complicated.

The former couple had two children: son Wolf, three, daughter Saskia, two.

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