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We expiration have a date for me? Heidi Klum, 44, she says, although her Cheap Sexy Lingerie makes the modeling criticism too old

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Heidi Klum is not any will soon resign when modeling, just because some people may think she is old.

“German model 44, who told me, she came to Ellen DeGeneres, some of the criticism after her own starring in sports Cheap Sexy Lingerie and Heidi Klum intimates online.

Sometimes people say you’re king, you (44, 45, why don’t you give someone * to the baton? ” She was interviewed on taped for an explained on Monday.

But he always has a lot of women think of my college age. 50, 60, 70. What? Do we have a expiration date? Can we do it, too, is it sexy?

Heidi: why am I always online, are we have to be 20 or 30 years old? Why can’t there be good old women in sports? I know I’ll still do it, grace.
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Vitoria’s Secret model tea before sixth stars in her Cheap Sexy Lingerie campaign for last August online.

She is also in the appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show beauty tea, natural talked abut filming in Germany’s next top model.

She was held at the conference on the mobile modeling practice big online watching Hollywood Avenue and contestants * will be displayed in the bikinis science class, in the public network.

She has intimidating but found some admitted EN EN is a good way to see who can turn off to the job in the crowd with “hand unconsciously.”

After the next step, she returned to the judge on American television as an American talent for the new season.

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