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Director Red Sparrow was shocked by the performance of Jennifer Lawrence’s Cheap Sexy Lingerie

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When Jennifer Lawrence thinks he needs to put on her Cheap Sexy Lingerie in a sexy scene, she meets her director of the Cardinals awkwardly.

The actress, in collaboration with her starving director of games Francis Lawrence, performed a passionate thriller as a spy and admitted that when she thought he wanted her to create a sexy outfit for her, she No doubts.

“I accidentally misunderstood Francis’s intent to enter my locker room,” she said with a smile. “He had always respected the entire Cheap Sexy Lingerie, found the right Cheap Sexy Lingerie, and did not take pictures when I entered the accessories.

“But you know, would not you really go to the camera without the director approving the apparel? So I’m in Cheap Sexy Lingerie, they’re like Jennifer, Francis looks at you, I’m like ‘wait And send him in. “Then he came in. He was like, ‘Oh my god, what are you doing?’
Cheap Sexy Lingerie

“I’m like,” I thought you came to see this set of clothes! “So there was a lot of laughter on the whole thing, the scene with Joel while I was wearing panties, the first time I opened the door, gasping for breath and shut it up!”

Jennifer acknowledged that a man and a crew member who had known her for years through the Hunger Games franchise made her sometimes sexually comfortable.

She told WENN: “It’s funny, because I think Francis has always known me since I was a kid, almost a father for me, and the camera guys I knew since I was a kid, so it almost It’s like in a nude house, you know, it’s the feeling of those families that nude before each other, and I think that’s really a good way for them.

“I accidentally moved something, flashed through the camera, they’re like ‘oh, my god!'”

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