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Men and women’s Cheap Sexy Lingerie stolen rummaging clothes in the laundry

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The following story will let you think about leaving your clothes running in the laundry.

Recently, users of Facebook, Nur Liyana Ismail shared her experiences in Puchong in the preliminary use – Taman laundry service, Selangor.

Just back from a five – day trip, Nur Liyana decided to use laundry service instead of laundry at home.

Let her wash her clothes, and she went to a nearby restaurant waiting for her laundry.

When she came back, she realized that something was wrong.
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Nur Liyana found her pile her in the dryer.

Then she realized that her Cheap Sexy Lingerie was missing from a pile of clothes.

Thanks to her, she didn’t have too much burden, so she didn’t bother to report to the owner.

“I can’t sleep, think about it.” why? What is the motive? I’m wearing your inside, but why don’t you take my husband? She wrote in the article.

Nur Liyana also included a few dramatic photos of the closed circuit television (CCTV) in her later recordings

Based on a picture of a closed circuit television clip, believe an unidentified person in her Cheap Sexy Lingerie and stole them.

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