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Otosi police, the wife bought the CD of Def Leppard, the stolen money from the WAL-MART Cheap Sexy Lingerie

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The Potosi police and his wife stole money from the ambulance service and use the profit for personal expenses, including gift cards, a Def Leppard album and lace thong from WAL-MART, federal prosecutors said.

William, the captain of the Missouri rural police station, was an administrator in the Washington County first aid District until he retired in February. His wife, charlena “Charlie” chewing gum, was also a service.

The organization has started more than three years ago by hot glue parents as a branch of their funeral home. Headquartered in Potosi road named after his late father, about 70 miles one of about 2600 people in southeastern Saint Louis town. In 1981, he became the first administrator of the service until he retired.

The federal prosecutor in the US prosecutor’s office says the gum has been in the area for more than ten years.

A survey conducted by the Federal Bureau of investigation and Jefferson County Sheriff’s office showed that he illegally increased wages in the early part of 2007, which also increased his welfare.

The prosecutor said that between 2012 and 2016 years old, chewing gum also used the money in the region to pay for medical insurance for his family. The investigators calculated that in the five years, the insurance premium was over $20000.

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According to the indictment, he and his wife used a credit card in the area to buy gift cards and goods worth more than $5000 from WAL-MART. In November 2014, in many WAL-MART’s listed departments, the 58 year old chewing gum reportedly bought a 25 dollar iTunes gift card and CD’s hair metal band’s journey, Def Leppard record.

Investigators found out more than a dozen WAL-MART visits to Charlie glue from 2014 to 48 years old, the prosecutor said. She was accused of buying a number of gift cards, hair glue and clothes. In a shopping trip in September 2014, she bought “lace T-shirt Cheap Sexy Lingerie, bra, knitted top, and personal belongings and food beyond 117.80 dollars’,” the indictment said.

In February, a new manager, Justin Duncan, was replaced by the board of the ambulance board, the couple was found. Duncan said he quickly discovered the problem of the organization’s accounts.

“The book we have just gone through, they don’t have a game,” he told the riverside.

He said he gave his fears to the board members, who approved a forensic audit. When the auditor confirmed the loss of money, Duncan and the board of directors handed the findings to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s representative, and finally the FBI. This morning, Duncan learned the indictment of the gums.

“We are very sad, but we are not surprised,” he said.

In the months when chewing gum left the ambulance service, Duncan said that the area has strengthened bookkeeping and has implemented new Cheap Sexy Lingerie  and balances to ensure that more than one person supervises their accounts.

At the same time, chewing gum is still listed as the captain of the police station’s website. His son, Michael Gum, is the dean of the Department.

One department employee told the RFT that the chief glue was not in the office today. She refused to reveal whether she was still using fake gum there.

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