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Valkyria chronicles 4 DLC season announced: Selvaria returns, Bikinis club, and more

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Yesterday, Senegal’s headquarters in Tokyo announced the publisher for Japan’s four edition of DLC 4 in the broadcast picture chronicle.

Starting from Japan, tickets for a season can also start from 4000 yen (only $37.5), plus tax.

The first DLC package is “E out of the sea”! It will be delivered in March 29th and it will be sold at 1500 yen.

It will include a new chapter, in which the task of the E team is to reconnaissance an empire supply base, which is exactly white sand for the sea and the beach. It can complete the 10 chapter after the play, and will unlock the swimsuit dress, Claude, lily, Raz, Kai, Minerva.

Second DLC “E captain absent”, on April 5th, to 1000 yen sold separately.

It can be played after the tenth chapter. The fairyland is missing, and the team members have to find him on their own. Claude is not here.

The third DLC is “RAID battle hard EX” and will release 1000 yen in April 12th.

It can be played after the eighteenth chapter, which is a challenging task, and the E group must provide reinforcement on the battlefield.

The fourth category is “opposition to” will be published in April 19th to 1500 yen.

It can be played after chapter eighteenth. The Crymaria Lewin’s special ability test did not produce the expected results, and sent the audit by the imperial army to be no other than the Selvaria Bles colonel. Will everything be wasted or go on experimentation? The fate of crymaria depends on the meeting between two.

Clear this will open the Crymaria DLC, Nicola, Chiara, and selvaria womens bikinis sale, because the audience very well know senegal.

Below, you can check “objection to the first picture,” from all four DLC packages, a batch of screenshots, and live broadcast, showing many new game full records.

You can also see the sexy illustrations by the role designer Raita Honjou celebrating the game three, and a series of upcoming tenth years.

If you want to buy more games in your game, the demonstration is currently PSN in Japan. If you just want to see some of the pieces of the demonstration itself, you can enjoy an hour’s game. You can also view a large screen screenshot and information published by the British Sega this week.

Battlefield female martial god 4 will be in North America and Europe’s Nintendo PS4, Xbox One and switch, in the fall of 2018. Japan today releases PS4, and the summer after the Nintendo switch.

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