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How did the hot sexy bikini come into being and how did it develop today?

The inventor of bikini was recognized as the French designer Louis Lierd. But strictly speaking, he can only be regarded as the inventor of modern bikini, because the pattern of bikini has already been seen in the murals of 1400 BC. Since having a bikini, the world has become even more exciting and has become more beautiful.

On July 1, 1946, a U.S. military B-29 bomber flew over the women’s  bikini atoll of the Pacific Marshall Islands, dropped an atomic bomb, and immediately dropped altitude, making a sharp 180-degree turn, stepping up the throttle and quickly leaving the bikini airspace. The bomb exploded after falling at a certain height. Huge shock waves and strong light radiation swept across the island. Most of the test items put by the U.S. troops on the island became victims, including many warships on the coast of Bikini Island.

The first atomic bomb test that was conducted by the United States on Bikini Island after the Second World War made the island an immediate spot for the world.

Just a few days later, on July 5th, a French designer named Louis Lierd, who had just changed his career, invented a bathing suit named after “bikini”. A dancer named Michelle Bharatini even made this piece of “three pieces of cloth” produce at least the same effect as the atomic bomb explosion, which eventually changed the world fashion trend.

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60 years later, on the famous Champs-Elysees Avenue in Paris, the French clothing industry celebrated the 60th anniversary of the birth of Bikini and held the largest ever Swimwear Swimwear show. At this exhibition, people can not only understand the history of the development of women’s bikinis sale, but also can appreciate the latest women’s bikinis sale designed by many famous fashion designers.

Unlike modern people who think that “bikini was invented by French engineer Louis in 1946”, the earliest bikini was actually invented by the ancients. The legend on the fresco of the Casa Villa Romano in Sicily in the 4th century AD is evidence. Bikini-specific, bi-fold women’s bikinis sale have appeared as early as 1400 BC, which can also be found in Greek tombs or murals of the time.

To explore the trajectory of history, many ancient Roman female athletes are decorated on the square mosaic murals of the ancient Roman ruins of Sicily, Italy. They were around the third century AD. They held discus or dumbbells, and the tight and short dress resembled the present bikini.

Around 1890, the locker room on the wheel was considered an indispensable prop for European swimmers. However, the ladies will sew the edges of the bikini to prevent the clothes from shrinking upwards to reveal their thighs.

Modern Bikini pioneers appeared in 1907, when Australian swimmer and performer Annette Kellerman was arrested on Boston Beach for wearing a bold bikini. Most women used to wear multi-layer petticoats. After the women’s bikinis sale appeared, women’s body was no longer intentionally hidden.

In the 1940s, fashion boutiques began selling swimwear, and bathing suits exposed women’s body parts to an unprecedented degree. At that time, the war ration system stimulated the development of swimsuits. The U.S. government ordered producers to reduce the use of textiles as much as possible, resulting in naked female clothes. But until a Frenchman was wearing a bikini sitting on the beach in southern France, people realized that women’s bikinis sale were becoming a trend.

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On July 5, 1946, French engineer Louis designed a set of “smaller clothes than the world’s smallest swimsuit.” The previous four days, the United States successfully tested nuclear weapons on the Pacific island of Bikini. Louis hopes that his invention could detonate 20th century trends like the atomic bomb explosion, so he named his invention “bikini.” But at first, even Parisian models were afraid to wear such stylish clothes.

On July 11, 1946, the stripper Celina Bernardini appeared in Paris for the first time in front of Parisian media. Bernardini received a large number of letters from suitors around the world.

In 1951, the first Miss World contest in London, the girls participating in the beauty contest were banned from wearing women’s bikinis sale. One-piece bathing suits are still prevalent at this time, women’s bikinis sale are banned in Belgium, Italy, Spain and Australia, Vatican thinks it is guilty to wear a bikini.

In the popular fashion of women’s bikinis sale, people found a strange phenomenon. This three-point swimwear does not give the people a visually obscene, but it produces a more intense sex than nudity, because it shows the strong life of the human body from different angles. Vigor and natural beauty, and the beauty of this vitality and natural innocence is becoming more and more accepted and loved by the world. Women of different sizes can choose different styles. Each bikini girl is the most beautiful woman.

In the 1960s, the movie star Kirk Douglas and the French actress Brigitte Bardot in a bikini played on the beach in Cannes, making a sensational sex scandal. Brigitte became famous for wearing a sexy bikini and even made great contributions to French international trade.

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In 1962, the Swiss actor Usula Andes became the classic picture of bikini history in the 007 series “Dr. Noe” wearing a homemade white bikini and splashing hibiscus from the blue waters of the Caribbean. 40 years later in 2001, this bikini auctioned 60,000 pounds. In 2002, the orange bikini worn by Halle Berry in “Who’s in the Match” created the second classic moment in bikini history.

In 1964, the sister magazine “Legend Sports” of “Time” was the cover of a beautiful woman wearing a bikini for the first time.

In 1997, the American professional volleyball player Gabrielle Ruis wearing a swim suit promoted her sports career. Her volleyball team participated in the first World Beach Volleyball Championship. The female players first put on a bikini match.

Two women wearing women’s bikinis sale and walking on the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, may have become a classic bikini fashion photo. The editor of the British men magazine “Nuts” Dominique Smith commented: “After several years of war trauma, humans need something to bring new peace and happiness to the planet. This thing is the bikini. Its shape and function It was once convinced that the bikini was the greatest and happiest invention of the 20th century.

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