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Alexandra Cane of Love Island released her return to bikini, she felt “in my worst time” to celebrate physical enthusiasm

Although she lost her romantic relationship with Dr. Alex George, she became a night star on Love Island.

Alexandra Cane posted an authorization message about her enthusiasm for her, because she shared a bikini-style betrayal on Tuesday’s Instagram story, when she felt she was “worst” status.

The 27-year-old real-life star uses this shot as part of a social media campaign for victims of acid attacks, encouraging people to celebrate “all beauty.”

In the photo, the makeup artist only wears a black triangle bikini and shows her wonderful curves as she walks out of the sea.

Her hair was soaked by playing in the water, watching Alexandra smile and look down.

She added the above title to her Instagram story: “At this time last year, I felt that I was the worst.”

The star of Love Island took the original photo, she is next to the model 黛米罗斯, she used a beautiful red bikini to show off her sensational figure.

Make-up artists encourage her fans to share their own photos and participate in online events to change their perception of beauty.

Alexandra wrote: ‘@ katiejgee is launching a campaign to update our views by celebrating all the beauty in the media: more inclusive, more diverse, less regulated, less ideal.

‘We can change by #SETTINGTHE STANDARD. Please use #SETTINGTHESTANDARD to upload your own photos.

“Including your own photo photos, you are self-criticizing on any scale, and because of the pressure of the media, post on the Internet (from one place to a scar, a bad perspective) twice and mark your friends. .

“If you want to donate to Changing Faces, a charity that supports those affected by physical differences sends CFCF00 and any amount you want to donate (in pounds sterling) to 70070.”

Alexandra shared the image of Katieg, who supported the victim of the Zanzibar acid attack. Katieger became the target of the attack in August 2013 with Kirstie Trup, one of two men on a motorcycle. A man threw acid from their cans from a Jerry can.

Although the brunette’s blockbuster failed to find a lasting love with Dr. Alex George in the villa, at the party, she was found to have stolen a private moment with Alex Miller.

Inside bash, when two people toast each other after acknowledging mutual obsession, the chemical composition exists between the duo.

Prior to this, Alexandra was asked in a tweet: “If you come in at an earlier stage, do you think there will be anyone you might have clicked on?”

She replied: “Absolutely, just before I came in, I was looking at Alex of Specsavers…”

Alex did not say what he said, and then revealed that he was keen to return to the UK after spending the makeup tycoon after she spent her at Villa Mallorca.

He told MailOnline: ‘Wow, I am really flattered, Alexandra fantasizes me. She is also a bit like. I really want to like her on the show.

“Who knows what might happen at the party, but if we go out, unlike my old partner Dr. Alex, I want to treat the lady like Alexandra.”

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