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“We are part of these different worlds”: how a plus size model and her ballerina can overthrow negative stereotypes to win thousands of fans – as they say, ‘live in your own body’

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They are sisters who prove healthy and beautiful, come in all shapes and sizes.

However, the former big size model, Jess Rost and her ballerina sister Alina, are not always so confident.

When talking to FEMAIL, the brothers and sisters from Sydney shared their battle with their body image – and revealed why they worked together to form a healthy size. This platform is dedicated to show that no matter what your body size, you can Have a healthy lifestyle.

The girls also showed off their workouts, their favorite sportswear and swimwear because of their body shape and daily diet.

According to the sisters, they have had a journey of “love” today.

“After growing up, I was never the “skinny” girl. I always have an ass, thighs and curves, and I have never had anything to say that it is normal and beautiful,” Jess told the Daily Mail Australia.

“I like beaches and water, but when I grow up, I am very worried that my friends will see me wearing a bikini. I never want to go in. I didn’t start to embrace my curves until I started to add a model.”

At the same time, ballerina Alyna is also struggling with self-esteem:

She said that the ballet industry is an industry where weight and volume are always in people’s minds.

“Being in front of the mirror wearing pink tights and tights is always face to face, it took me a long time to get a better, more positive body image.

“Until I stopped dancing, I realized that I was in a world where there were absolutely a lot of unhealthy body images,” she added.

“Now, especially after giving birth, I feel more positive about my body. I am strong and can do so much.

According to 34-year-old Alyna, when she and 28-year-old Jess found themselves talking about their previous work, the idea of ​​unity and cooperation emerged.

“We are part of these different worlds, and our experiences are very different when our models and dances form our perception of the body,” Alyna said.

“We talked about how we make stereotypes and negative comments about our size and “health”.

After the discussion, the girls realized that they were actually “healthy and beautiful”.

“This is our disagreement and we are really keen to make it,” Jess added. “We want to show that health and beauty come in all shapes and sizes, and we all need to embrace our beauty.”

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