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The salesman called burkatr by Gerin underwear

Rania Abu Salvatore a. To store in Berlin Neukolln brautmoden Muslim women’s clothing and  womens bikinis sale, they praised her as “especially in Arabic Islam.” This may be a burkatr Gerin by too much. The angry saleswoman robbed them and beat them in the shop.
Reported that the “image” of the newspaper. Therefore, the 40 year old Abu Salvatore Rania of egypt. On Tuesday, in your business, a woman suddenly burst in at the vollverschleierte store.
The description of the “image” berfallene scene: “you call me a bitch, bitch, speak English and Arabic confusion. What they want comes in through the window. Turban and  womens bikinis sale according to Islamic beliefs do not fit together. This is a crime.”

 womens bikinis sale
During the attack, the verrutsche veil
When the clerk w tendenen his wife’s wishes, is out of the window, do not obey, this is where to start. Soon after, according to their “image”, however, with two other people to handle Narnia from EL . She added that she was injured in the chest, arms and head.
However, she’s in her own kopfschleier melee shop clerk can also look at angreiferin throwing. She has blond hair and neck tattoos and nose ring, tells the story in a tense “image”. Because of your cell phone and a lost glove.
National Security Survey
The two projects are reported in criminal investigations and studies. The clerk was informed of the attack. When the officials arrived, anger, and your partner is burkatr by Gerin but disappeared again. In a polizeisprecherin, there is also “elephant”, in addition to the national police, but also because of the investigation of “violence”.

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