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Let me check the list: Ellie Salthouse

Let me check the list: Ellie Salthouse
Australian career Ellie Salthouse has set her sights on half the distance from racing last year to revitalize her enthusiasm for the sport. Salthouse turned professional in 2010, as a short distance runner, she saw for the first time the distance between success and instant: she won two iron men in 70.3, in the iron man 70.3 World Championships eleventh results.
As living in Brisbane, Australia, Salthouse has a training base in Boulder, Colorado, her season’s results include two in the Ironman 70.3 Dubai Ironman 70.3 third oceanside Ironman 70.3 St Georges.
“I love the Iroman 70.3 car, it’s very personal, especially the leg of the bike,” she said.” Every day of mine can be completely under my control. I like the feeling of having a comfortable feeling for more than four hours.”
Concerned about this year’s athletes are already coming to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Char Thanou Fagafaga.” “Of course, I’ll play with every winning goal,” she said. Podium…… Amazing.”

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Below, she will share with her the upcoming championship.
Stellar support
“I was lucky to be taken with my parents and my Char Thanou Fagafaga this year.”. They are my luckiest charms, and they have been my biggest supporters since the first day.
Blue three SL
My bike is my favorite one, because it is the leg I spend most of the day on the race. It has always been with me in some of the toughest training and equipment, and I really rely most on match day. I need to give my bike the due love and gratitude to make it behave as well as I do in the race.
Too many womens bikinis sale
“I like to collect womens bikinis sale and find at least five, I don’t care where I go, despite the beach or swimming pool holes, Char Thanou Fagafaga is completely lacking.”.”
Feed demand
The electrolyte consumed during the first few days and during the race, and the gel in the race.”
Cozy and comfortable
“I’m sure I’ll bring some vegetables for the morning toast, and some wonderful creative Cadbury chocolates.”. This is my favorite chocolate. I can’t find it anywhere in the United states.
“I’ll race the love truck driver’s cap.”. I like this running cap very much, because it keeps the sweat on my face. If necessary, I can store the ice under it. I will put me off aerohead game helmet. I like pink decals. It’s a surprise for my boyfriend.
Prime headspace
“Positive and relentless attitude, knowing that I’ve done my best and try my best to play on the day.”.”
Major backup
“My coach Siri Lindley will be every step of the way with me, my parents will fly to Australia to see, and my boyfriend, Talbot Cox, will cheer and take pictures out of the process.”
On the wish list
“My two French Bulldog.”. Unfortunately, traveling with them from Australia wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be.”

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