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Experts raised the fear of body image because celebrities show off the trend of “flossy bikini”

There is almost no hot new wave of bikinis that has led experts to worry that this will stimulate young women’s early sexual behavior.

Cossies usually don’t leave much imagination, but you only need to look at reality shows or social media to see if swimwear is more embarrassing than ever.

The latest so-called “Floss Bikini” – nicknamed for its similarity to floss – has been (almost) worn by high-end celebrities such as reality show star Kim Kardashian, actor and model Emily Ratajkowski, DJ Tigerlily, Little Mix Singer Perrie Edwards and social media star Ellie Gonsalves.

Dr. Andrew Carr-Gregg, a child and adolescent psychologist, believes that this trend is sending dangerous messages to children and making it difficult for parents to accept.

“This is to say that you have to be hot, sexy and thin,” Dr. Carl Greg told the Daily Telegraph.

“For young women with large bones or looking younger, this will result in higher levels of physical hatred.

“For parents, it’s very difficult when you deal with a teenage daughter who wants to look like the mainstream.”

But elite athlete and model Amy Pejkovic doesn’t think there is any problem with this exposure trend.

“If it makes you feel sexy, go ahead,” she said. “The most important benefit of this trend is the ability to minimize your tan line.”

Real-life TV player Cassandra Wood is the latest in a social media storm after the “Floss Bikini” in The Bachelor’s show on Wednesday.

The audience quickly commented on Wood’s choice of swimsuit, suggesting that she might not wear it at all.

Some people say that bikinis are “too much information” while others simply ask “Is this legal?”, while others say it is “not suitable for 7:30 pm”.

But this is not the first time we saw a sly swimwear on TV. Actors in Love Island Australia spend most of their time wearing clumsy bookshelves. For Bachelor In Paradise, this is a similar story.

Psychologist Sandy Rea doesn’t think that a sly bikini is a problem, but a self-expression.

“Messages are more than just another way of expressing yourself – we have done this in various modes, like… makeup,” she said.

“Ultimately, the body image is a lesson learned from the mother. It depends on the women who are the main influencing factors in life to ensure that you feel safe, strong, and empowered.”

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