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Kelly Brook showed her extraordinary hourglass image in a floral chiffon dress in a gardening show this morning.

When she took off her clothes this morning and enjoyed a back massage in the lavender field, she set the pulse.

Kelly Brooke continues to share her passion for gardening as she hosts a section on how to prepare for the fall during the day on Wednesday.

The burly model, 38 years old, wore a floral chiffon dress and a pair of gardening gloves.

Kelly covered her rich assets with a patchwork dress, including a cat bow tie that tightens the waist.

As she strolls into the ITV studio, she wears a full-length autumn dress with navy blue suede sneakers and a black Mulberry clutch.

TV celebrities wore glamorous curls and knocked on maroon locks, and used handsome rose cheeks with blushing cheeks, shiny eyeshadows and a touch of pink lip gloss.

Kelly joked about how to prevent plant frosting, the best winter flowers, and the bulbs for spring. “Is it enough?” After receiving the gardening skills test, hosted Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

Phil joked: ‘What do you mean? Of course this is enough!

After her appearance, Kelly and her boyfriend Jeremy Parrish (33) left the ITV studio and eagerly appeared.

Celebrity juice team members quickly changed the comfort of lavender knit, white T-shirts and tight-fitting black jeans, and looked like her clips because she likes to pose for the camera.

She added her height with suede ankle boots and brought a flower suitcase to her waiting taxi. Jeremy cut a delicate figure in a leather jacket and jeans.

Kelly’s latest appearance this morning was after the audience slammed ITV to air the old footage she had exposed in the lavender field.

The host left the fans in July when she undressed and enjoyed a back massage in the lavender field in Kent to get the benefits of the plant.

However, when the 10-minute episode was aired again on Friday after two months, angry fans flocked to Twitter to vent their troubles.

“Why is ITV playing this Kelly Brook lavender again!” an audience raged.

“Kelly Brooke: One of my records in June,” another vent, and the third wrote: ‘OH FFS! No longer Kelly in the frikin lavender field!!”

Another added: “Swear that this Kelly Brook lavender function has begun.”

Kelly, who took her gardening tips to Charlie Dimmo, recently told the Sunday Mirror: “In the past few years, my lifestyle has changed a lot.

“In the longest time, I loved socializing, participated in fashion shows and red carpet events, and even owned a nightclub, but now I am enjoying the quiet life away from the spotlight.

“Since these days have settled in the country, I have been more inclined to look after my vegetable patches and look after the wild animals in my garden instead of going out.”

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