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NEW YORK, NEW YORK - SEPTEMBER 11: A model walks the runway at the Bagdley Mischka Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2020 fashion show during New York Fashion Week on September 11, 2019 in New York City. (Photo by Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

The Trendy Color to Wear in 2021

In the year 2020, people craved stability and comfort in the face of uncertainty. Now, as you are entering the hopeful new frontier, people are also seeking adventure and joy. Well, this can reflect in the best color trends to wear in 2021. As the year is now taking a fresher perspective, the attention is now shifting towards finding out what will be the next in the fashion universe. Well, the vibrant colors that are injected throughout the hugely mesmerizing lines. Keeping all these things in mind, keep reading to explore the most significant color trends that may dominate 2021. Have a look.

Mellow Yellow

In 2021, the shiny sunny hue will get a little softer for spring in a subdued shade. But don’t worry at all, with this you will look amazingly stunning. You can go for a yellow dress, top, shoes, or accessories to look super stylish. Mellow yellow is now finding its way into the fashion industry for its feminine nature and projecting cute happiness with innocent charm. Go for it, and you will create a unique expression among people.


It is a fact that wearing white shade can be a risky thing, but you can’t do that, are you? Evoking fears of stains, white shade is like a double-edged sword in the fashion industry. However, where you think wearing it brave or not, a white shade dress will offer you a foolproof route to make a style statement in 2021. Most of the girls love to wear white for different occasions, like parties or marriage functions. So, try out this color now.

Bold red

Bold red is the daredevil of the fashion industry, and this shade can profoundly impact every step. Exuding confidence and passion and amazingly stunning visual, bold red has managed to be an asset for all. When it comes to achieving a confidence-boosting look, you can always go for the clothes with a bold red shade. Use it for witnessing the difference.

Bubblegum pink

As one of the biggest and most adorable color trends sprinkled throughout the year 2020’s fashion collections, this bubblegum pink shade is projected to hold a robust throughout the session. Getting a cute and feminine look can be a lot easier with this hue. The bold pink hue comes in different shades, but you should go for neon and pastel color to look better.


This is an eye-catching color, and you will look shiny with dresses having a magenta hue. There are different magenta shades in the market (some can be more purpleness and some skewing more red or pink), adding this amazing color to your wardrobe will take your look to the next level.

These Kate Spade Handbags Are Actually Cute

Handbags are one of the most essential yet stylish accessories that you can pair with almost all types of dresses. You can carry all the necessary items in a handbag while you are travelling to a place or going to your office. Also, cute handbags can even add a great statement to a regular outfit. Kate Spade, a New York based brand, manufactures some exceptionally beautiful handbags that will level up your look.

So, we have picked up exclusive Kate Spade handbags that will give you an overall cute appearance.

1. Disney x kate spade new york clarabelle & friends large tote 

This pink tote handbag comes in a considerable size. Favourite Disney characters like Mickey, and Donald are inscribed on this handbag. Made of good-quality crossgrain leather, this handbag stands up to your expectation and suits well with casual attire. Some of its notable features include detachable wristlet pouch and dog-clip closure.

2. Remedy bikini dot small top-handle bag

This top handle bag with frame closure is perfect to pair with your party dress. You can also use the detachable or optional shoulder straps according to your will. There are 2 interior card slots to keep your valuable cards. This Italian Jacquard Fabric made bag has a metal spade to add that extra style quotient. The classic polka dots truly enhance the cuteness of this comfy handbag.

3. Disney x kate spade new york minnie mouse medium satchel

What more do you need than polka dots and a mickey mouse to make your bag look cute? This satchel by Kate Spade has a zip closure. You will find an interior slip and zipper pocket to keep those little essential things safe. Electronic gadgets like iPad or iPhone xmax perfectly fits in this handbag. You can also use the optional shoulder strap for convenient handling of the bag.  

4. Remedy spade flower small top-handle bag

remedy spade flower small top-handle bag

Made of Italian jacquard, this red-coloured flower spade handbag features a smooth leather trim for the ultimate look. The frame closure and matte lining add to the cute yet elegant appearance of this bag. The foil embossed logo and matee lining makes the bag’s look attractive. You will get 3 interior pockets to keep your necessary items.

5. Yours truly 3d mailbox

The compact mailbox handbag by Kate Spade is made of fine Italian leather. It consists of a cross body with a two way zip around closure. The interior card slots and snap tab slip pocket create enough room for keeping your necessary things.  You can also put on the optional crossbody  strap whenever you wish. The faille lining and front design contribute to the cute look of the handbag.

6. Naomi watanabe x kate spade new york large tote

naomi watanabe x kate spade new york large tote

This handbag by Kate Spade made with faux fur is all that you need to make your appearance cuter. The detachable wristlet pouch, tie closure and interior snap tab slip pocket enhance the convenience of using this bag. Your regular electronic gadgets like 13” laptop, iPad and iPhone xs max will easily fit into this cute purple handbag.

No matter whether you are traveling, going to a party or office, a handbag of Kate Spade can be your cute constant companion. So, choose the best one for you from our list of recommended cite handbags and make your way with style.

Where I am Shopping Flat student sandals Right Now?

The sandal is an open footwear type consisting of sole with straps around the ankle, and go over the arch of the foot. Sandals often come with a flat bottom.

Sandals are more comfortable to wear, especially when you want to get out of the house quickly. Sandals are the best shoe by allowing your feet to easily breathe, comfortable to wear, light on your legs, and easy to pull off.   

Wearing sandals will keep your feet neat and dry all the time. While your feet are wet, you can quickly slip your feet off the sandal to dry them.

The flat sandal is the best option to wear for summertime as lots of people prefer to walk barefoot in the summertime. It is easy to move, comfortable to wear, and easy to pull off for students.

The Benefits

Easily Accessible

Sandals are comfortable to come by because they are affordable, not expensive, and can also get to buy them quickly. You can quickly pick them and put them on fast. Sandals are the best shoes that allow your feet to breathe.

Pom Pom & Tassel Decor Sliders

No more worry about wet Shoes and Socks

You do not get worried about wet shoes during your summer vacation. You can move around free since you are wearing sandals but if you were wearing shoes you might the risk of water splashing on your shoes, and socks get wets. You are free of wet shoes when you wear sandals, and if the sandal gets wet, you can easily remove them and dry them faster.

Jo suede and leather sandals

Sandals are Easier and Lighter to Pack

It might be stressful when packing your shoes or tennis for the summer holiday. Wrapping the whole shoes might a little hard. You can easily pack sandals within few minutes and do not occupy too much space in bags; it will give you space for other items or clothes. It will also allow you to buy more items while bringing home from your summer vacation.

Ruched strips sandals – Women | Mango USA

You can easily Pair Sandals with Anything.

During the summertime, you can use a variety of clothing, which distinctive or tennis shoes do not match them. However, you can comfortably wear your sandals as it goes with everything. You go with a few pairs of sandals to match most of your dresses, be it pants, skirts, T-shirts, etc.

Women’s Trina Crossband Slide Sandals

Easy to Wear

You can quickly put on your sandals when you are going on summer vacation. It is easy to remove in case you need to rush inside the house to pick some items quickly without getting hurt.

You can wear your flat sandal to the party as a student; this will give you ample opportunity to move around, and dance freely and easily.

Women’s Benassi Just Do It Swoosh Slide Sandals from Finish Line

In conclusion, sandals are easy to wear, comfortable, chic, and they come with aesthetic designs. They are suitable for both students, work environment, vacation, and at home.

The Chic ASOS Summer Dresses to Wear to When Quarantine Ends

Summers are going a little heavy these days due to the quarantine effect. But everything is going to end soon, and you need to get your summer attires ready to get back on the streets to explore the fun again. Get your summer attires ready and get it from ASOS to avail of the exclusive summer discounts.

In this article, you will know about some of the best chic ASOS summer dresses that will be perfect for you to walk out in style after the quarantine ends.

ASOS DESIGN Tall bandeau maxi dress with belt in khaki stripe


This product by ASOS consists of a tie waist to hold your waist part of the dress to give you a great look. It comes with a casual fit to make you feel comfortable in hot summers. The fabric used in the making is perfect and is available for ladies of all sizes. This product comes with a khaki stripe to give a classy look to the wearer.

ASOS DESIGN Petite cami frill seam mini sundress in cream



If you want to carry your hot avatar, then this is the best sundress for you available at ASOS. It is available in a cream color and has a square neck, cami straps, and a deep neck to give you a sexy look during this summer season. It is the best after-quarantine outfit for the most-awaited summer fun.

ASOS DESIGN Curve broderie swing mini dress in orange


This one is a casual wear dress for summer outings that comes with a deep V neck and straps to make you look beautiful and stunning amongst all. It is a unique design at ASOS that is available for all sized women. The length of this dress falls right above the knee to give a stunning look.

ASOS DESIGN v front mini sundress with pep hem in red


It is yet another V neck designer dress that comes with Cami straps. Not only that, but it also has a deep V-shaped back to add more glamour and sexiness to the outfit. It is available in red color and is of free size to fit in all girls. It is one of the sexiest summer dresses available with ASOS.

ASOS DESIGN off shoulder mini sundress with pep hem in rose


This one is a mini sundress that carries a Bardot style and is made up of soft fabric that will help you feel the comfort of wearing it for a long time under the sun. It is an off-shoulder mini summer dress that is available in rose color.

These are a few of the best summer dresses available with ASOS to prepare for your after quarantine summer tours and outings.


What gifts do women like the least?

Well, when it is about giving something to a special person, we bet you put a lot of thought and effort into it. But not every time the gift turns out to be something that they would really love to have. Yes, we know that your loved ones may not say that right into your face, but you might feel that there is something that they didn’t like about the gift.

Maybe they didn’t like the gift at all. Accept it, we all have made mistakes buying gifts for our loved ones that didn’t turn out to be well. Yes, we all have some sort of guilty feelings over it. Now, it’s time to learn from the mistakes and avoid gifts that women don’t like at all. In the following section of the article, we are going to share the gifts that women don’t like. So it is better to avoid these.

Handbags are the most common gifts that a girl gets in her lifetime. But you need to remember that if a woman likes handbags, then she is very particular about the bags. So if you give her anything she is not going to like it. And if they don’t love handbags, then don’t just give her random ones.

The same goes for dresses as well. For those who love clothing, they are going to be very particular about clothing, so don’t just randomly gift clothing or apparel to them. If someone loves to buy their own stuff then it is better to give them a voucher or gift cards instead of actually buying them.

Next is, don’t always go for the expensive stuff, not every woman loves expensive gifts. The worst part is expensive gifts don’t always say “I love you”. Also, don’t offer expensive stuff if you are holidaying or having some quality time with near and dear ones. That is not the time to show off.

Another thing you need to know is, don’t get someone something that asks them to start a new habit instead of helping them maintain their old habit. Just like don’t offer someone a scale who doesn’t have any use for a scale. Similarly, do not offer someone a gift that they can’t use or make a lot of effort to use.

That brings to our final option, don’t give someone scented or flavored gifts when you don’t know which scents they prefer. Only when you are confident, go for the scents.

Refreshing Stay Home Style, You Can Try

Well, nothing bad in sitting at home and doing work from home during this lock-down time to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. But it is also true that people who are doing work from home are now not enjoying spending their time in pajamas. On the other hand, using a blazer for online meetings is now feeling stale. The work from home looks should need to be cozy and comfortable.  So, here are a few outfit ideas that you can try to look and feel great.

  1. A shirtdress

For every woman who is doing WFH and looking for an easy to wear a dress to bring a little bit of refreshment can try out the shirtdress. As you are not leaving your house, you don’t have to iron it. On the other hand, you can even keep wearing it while attaining your office meeting. So, go on and check your wardrobe for a shirtdress.

  1. Home Stay Comfy and stylish dress 

Well, not just when going out, you can even keep yourself stylish while staying at home. So, for a stylish yet comfortable look, you can now go for the home-style midi dress in T-shirt style. Wearing stylish dress will give you a cool look. Try it out now to get a perfect casual look.

  1. Go for a layered shirt look

When you are at home, no one can watch you, and this is the time when you are free to try out different experimental dressing styles. So, go on and try out layering and use the bright colored shirt under a graphic tee. Now, to finish your look, combine a pair of joggers. That’s it; now you have a stunning look.


  1. Sweater and jeans

It is true that not everyone can feel comfortable in jeans. However, if this is not a serious issue for you, then make a note of Gigi Hadid. You can style your go-to-pair with a stylish and colorful sweater. To have a little funky look, wear a neckless. Well, no one is going to watch you, but there is nothing wrong with this.

  1. The cardigan and midi skirt look

When talking about an evergreen look, you can’t forget the cardigan. This dress is here to stay for years. Not just for your office, this is a great option for your home style also. To add up little style, go for an oversized option and combine it with a casual tee and satin midi skirt. You don’t have to change the style of your online office meeting. You will look stylish and feel comfortable with this style. Check your wardrobe as you might have a pair there.