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Still the one: Versatile one-piece womens bikinis are stylish and budget-friendly

Move over, skimpy bikinis! With new designs, bold colors, sassy slogans and a dose of star power, one-piece swimwear is your best bet this season.

“Baywatch” stars sizzled on the big screen this spring in sleek red swimwear — courtesy of Baltimore-based Under Armour, which helped to design the suits. Miss District of Columbia, Kára McCullough, wore an animal and bold blue print one-piece by Yandy Swim on her way to being Miss USA 2017. And retailers are reporting that one-piece swimwear is the top seller this season.

“The one-piece was officially back last year and it’s going strong for 2017,” said Zoey Washington, senior style editor at Brit + Co, the San Francisco-based women’s lifestyle company, who attributed the garment’s success to the Hadid sisters, the Jenner sisters, Chrissy Teigen and supermodel Joan Smalls, who “are really rocking the statement one- piece.”

Nothing looks quite as classic and chic as a high-rise bikini bottom. So we were super pleased to see that Primark’s latest swimwear collection is full of ‘em in everything from bold botanical prints to sporty stripes. Skimming over the tum and clinching in the waist, this particular shape will look uh-mazing on curvy figures.

Planning on spending pretty much the whole of your hol in your swimsuit? Then you need to make sure you have a good variety of swimwear that will work for both the beach and the bars. We’re crushing on Primark’s bronze and gold colour block cozzie; the shimmering metallic detailing is guaranteed to turn heads whether you’re all-day bathing or all- night raving.

“One-piece swimsuits are sexy — if not sexier — than their two-piece counterparts,” Washington said.

Local retailers and designers with local ties are also part of the trend.

Under Armour, the Baltimore-based sporting apparel company with an international reach, worked with the costume design team from the movie “Baywatch” to develop and manufacture the swimwear worn by the main characters, according to Danielle C. Daly, senior manager, global communications and entertainment for Under Armour.

“The film’s costume department designed the swimwear; Under Armour partnered with them on the technical development and manufacturing for the on-screen product,” Daly said.

It’s the time of year for what can be a dreaded expedition: Buying a swimsuit. But for women looking for a shopping experience that includes more size options, versions for less than $100 and generous return policies, there are plenty of stylish choices.

Cutting through the clutter is key as the selections multiply. The e-commerce platform Lyst has 154,000 swimwear options available right now, up 12 percent from a year ago.Customers spent three times longer browsing through swimwear last summer than in any other category, Lyst said. On average, a shopper will return to click on a swimsuit four times before committing to buy it.

But even after all that consideration, swimwear is one of the most-returned items of the season. Forty-five percent of swimsuits bought since April have been returned already, Lyst said. That compares to 34 percent of pants sent back this year and 18 percent of hats.

Loose Women strip to their bikinis to show off real bodies and ‘stick two fingers up’ at air brushing

Panelists including Coleen Nolan, Stacey Soloman and Janet Street-Porter donned their best garments to be papped by legendary photographer Bryan Adams, who has previously taken snaps of The Queen and Kate Moss. Not bad company, eh?

The shots are all to promote Body Stories week on the lunchtime TV show, which will run all week on ITV One.

The campaign aims to encourage all women, whatever age or size, to celebrate their body and their ‘flaws’.

And the ladies have revealed all about their issues with body confidence in a bid to end the stigma.

Coleen Nolan said her issues stemmed from childhood.

She said: ‘I have a constant body battle. I often eat in ‘rebellion’. It goes back to when I was only a child and an uncle picked on me saying I was the ‘heavy one’.

What has stretch marks, cellulite and beautiful body positivity all over? A lot of people, for starters, but also Target’s latest swimwear campaign.

The retail giant’s ongoing efforts to be more inclusive now include a fabulous photoshoot showing off its new swim line. The images feature a range of bodies and, best of all, the photos are completely unretouched, Target said.

‘I know I’m not at the low weight I’ve got down to several times in the past but ultimately I’ve decided life’s too short to spend it on a yo-yo diet, I’ve made peace with the way my body looks and, quite frankly, I like cake just a little bit too much!‘I was scared before the shoot, but I totally embraced it and my body – particularly when it came to the solo shoot.’

Apprentice star Saira Khan said she wanted to take part in the stint because she had never done a bikini shoot.

She said: ‘Coming from a Muslim background you had to hide your body and could not expose your skin. I was brought up with the mentality to not draw attention to my body.‘I battled against my curves when I was younger as I didn’t want boys to notice me for being sexy – I was brought up to never bare my skin in front of men – it took me a long time not to feel guilty for wearing a dress or baring my arms.

Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the comedic mom duo known as I Mom So Hard, try on swimsuits and get honest about baby weight in their video “I Swimsuit Season So Hard,” which immediately went viral, racking up over 16 million views on Facebook in eight days.

In the humorous rant about swimsuits, Hensley says straight-out that she’s uncomfortable in a bathing suit.

“I do not feel confident in a swimsuit at all, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of me building a moat,” she jokes about typical mom duties at the beach. “I’m still 12 lbs. heavier than when I had my daughter and she’s 4. Can’t even call it baby weight anymore, just call it weight.”

Smedley blames her unease with beachwear on the suits on the market.

“Nothing’s going to make you feel worse about your body than the suits they make,” she says, as they show off their figures in a range of silly, ruffled and body-baring swimsuits.

Loose Women Editor, Sally Shelford, said: ‘Here at Loose Women we talk honestly and speak from the heart.

‘We are fed up of being pressured to get bikini ready and feeling bad about our bodies because they don’t live up to an unrealistic ‘perfect’ figure.

‘Instead, we wanted a campaign that celebrates the stories our bodies tell – from the babies our bodies have carried and nurtured, or the scars that say we’ve lived to tell a tale, they all make us unique and who we are.’

Sports Illustrated models debut sexy swimwear for real women

Miami Swim Week is always a hot ticket. But this year’s swimwear showcase was especially steamy. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit topped the annual event’s Saturday show with the debut of its body-inclusive Sports Illustrated Swim and Active apparel line, shown on a stunning cast of curvy, real-women models.

The bathing beauties, all finalists in a contest that will culminate with a winner being photographed for the February Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated, rocked styles such as bust-enhancing metallic one-pieces, super-high-cut briefs designed to flaunt strong legs, and tiny tops revealing gorgeously rounded tummies.

“[People in the crowd] lost their minds when the curvy girls came out,” MJ Day, editor of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, tells The Post.

“I think they were shocked because you don’t typically see that at fashion week … especially at swim fashion week,” Day says. “Some people [in the audience] were moved to tears because they saw themselves represented on the runway, which they never thought they would.”

No one wants to hear that there’s no solution to the problem that vexes them. And while we might be loathe to admit it, we don’t want to find out that the solutions that do exist are time-consuming and difficult. Take our bodies, for example: Most of us want whatever our personal vision of a perfect physique is, and we want it yesterday. We want our cellulite to improve instantly. But easy fixes to our beauty wishes are like magic tricks—you’re willingly suspending your skepticism in order to believe in something better than reality. If you looked harder, you’d see the deception every time.

This is why it’s so easy to sell people—and unfortunately women in particular—expensive salves and bizarre contraptions designed to cure not just aesthetic problems, but insecurities too. We don’t buy cellulite cream because vaguely lumpy looking skin is really that big of a problem. We buy it because we hope that if our cellulite disappears, self-confidence will replace it. Once your butt looks smooth, you’ll be able to wear that bikini you bought two years ago that always makes you feel too bloated. You’ll finally feel comfortable wearing shorts, against all odds and after years of misplaced insecurity about your thighs. You know how it works.

Cellulite is an especially easy “problem” to target, because somewhere around 80 to 90 percent of women have it to some degree—and they’re virtually all made to feel insecure because of it. So when one of your Facebook friends shares a post about a glorified massager, claiming it cured their cellulite…you’re going to at least click the link, right? That’s how one woman sold her FasciaBlaster to the masses, even though there’s no evidence it works. And it’s not just useless, either. It’s reportedly left women with severe bruises. Here’s a tip: bruising is not a sign of healing. It’s not a sign that you’re whipping your body into the shape you want it to be. It’s not a sign of weakness leaving the body. Bruising is a sign that you’ve damaged your blood vessels.

Hundreds if not thousands of women fell for that bogus device, and it’s just one of many. Every women’s magazine out there has hawked similar “solutions” and none of them ever seem to work.

And trust us: it’s very likely that none of them ever will.

“There is so much more variety [in swimsuits],” says Susan Marasco, fashion director of ready-to-wear at Bloomingdale’s, who counts off-the-shoulder ruffled tops and cutout one-pieces as some of the more popular styles at the store. “You can go for a deeper-V to enhance your top, or a bathing suit with a sexy cutout,” she says.

And unlike fashion fads, she predicts the body-positive movement is here to stay. “I think now more than ever, with supermodels promoting body diversity on Instagram” — such as Iskra Lawrence, size 14, with 3.5 million followers — “a younger audience is expecting more trends to become available for everyone. I think the trend is only going to get stronger.”

Additional reporting by Jaclyn Hendricks

Daring to bare! Topless sunbakers and women in skimpy bikinis beating the heat on beaches face hefty $1100 FINES

Beachgoers wearing barely-there swimwear or even nothing at all could receive $1100 fines for doing so.
Those daring to bare at Sydney’s many beaches could get the hefty fines or be forced to leave under legislation.
But they aren’t likely to get one, as the laws are old and councils have relaxed the enforcement of them, according to The Daily Telegraph.
The laws were created in a time when the approach to swimwear was much more conservative.However, attitudes have shifted – and so have the costumes, many becoming smaller and smaller.
A risqué coffee shop has been criticised for the barely-there uniform its waitresses are instructed to wear.

Bikini Beans Espresso in Washington offers customers a unique experience as workers serve hot drink in hardly any clothes at all.
The glamorous women cover their nipples with tiny stickers paired with some very skimpy

Other women can opt to wear a full bikini set while serving their predominantly male customers.
It’s National Bikini Day! Which is the perfect excuse to look back at the most stylish bikini-wearers of all time. From Brigitte Bardot, to Princess Diana, behold the ultimate swimwear icons to wear the design since it was first invented in July 1946 by Louis Réard, a French mechanical engineer, who anticipated what women (and men) would want from swimwear in the latter part of the 20th century but whose name has largely been forgotten.
His label was, rather appropriately, relaunched earlier in the summer.

Considered by many to be the original and the best Bond girl, Ursula Andress’s Honey Ryder emerged from the sea in this teeny bikini in ‘Dr. No’, getting hearts racing in 1962.

Kylie is a pro at suiting up in a swimsuit, so it comes as no surprise to see her add bathing suits to her new collection — and if there’s anything she loves more than bikinis, it’s camouflage! Her new merch promises to be all-camo-everything. The star clearly stuck to her signature style when she created the sexy swimsuit. She showed off her curves, (and her cleavage), as she posed with her new short hair in the photo.

If you can’t wait to snag the look, you’re in luck. Kylie’s exact camo bikini will be available tomorrow, June 8, at 10AM PST, when the latest collection of her merchandise drops. The Instagram page also promoted new lighters in three different camouflage colorways with the caption: “everything camo #tomorrow.” Knowing Kylie, there’s way more camo where that came from. The star often incorporates the print into her covetable street style looks, and now she’s bringing the trend to her fans.

A spokesman for Waverley Council spokesman said they ‘never’ had issues with toplessness at Bondi.

South in Cronulla, a spokesman for the Sutherland Shire said it was rare to receive a complaint about nudity and no fines had been issued in recent years.

The region also has its share of nudist or clothing optional beaches, many of which are sign posted or obviously marked.

Swimming pool allows women-only lessons during the day

A swimming pool in western Sydney is excluding men at certain times four days per week to cater for Muslim women.

From next week, the Blue Water Swim School at Condell Park is closing the pool to men for an hour at a time on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and Tuesday night.

This is so a group, Aquatic Flex, can run women’s only lessons, which have been promoted on the Facebook page of a hardline Sunni Muslim group that advises Islamic girls to avoid having non-Muslim friends.

Blue Water Swim School owner Simon Rodwell said Aquatic Flex had hired his pool to hold classes for women in the area with a high Muslim population.

‘It’s for women who want to be without any men there and, okay, a high proportion of them could be Muslim,’ he told Daily Mail Australia on Friday.

‘In western Sydney, there are a lot of Muslims here in this area, for sure.’

Muslim women wearing hijabs cheerfully arrived at a swimming pool in Sydney’s west on Monday afternoon for the launch of women-only classes.

The Blue Water Swim School at Condell Park is closed to men for an hour at a time on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday afternoons and Tuesday night.

This is all so an aqua therapy group, Aquatic Flex, can run women’s only lessons. One woman was pictured carrying foam noodles through the pool entrance on Monday.

Fatme Taha, director of Aquatic Flex and head swimming instructor, said her clients were a diverse group of ‘young girls, mums, single mums and even grandmothers.’

‘They include women who are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jewish and women of no faith. All are welcome,’ she said in an online statement.

‘We do cater for women only and I do not and will not apologise for this,’ Ms Taha added.’I encourage all my clients to take their approach to physical activity seriously and provide a setting that will help achieve this.

Aquatic Flex said the swimming groups were ‘diverse and inclusive of women from all socio-economic, cultural and religious backgrounds.’

Instructor Fatme Taha said most of her clients were Muslim women who preferred to be segregated from men.

‘For our community, for sure, yes, they don’t like to get mixed with men,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.

‘Segregated, yes, especially in the water because coming out of the water the lady feels revealed and the clothes gets tight on her and she feels uncomfortable so they prefer not to have men watching what they do.’

Images of women in hijab swimming costumes have been posted on Facebook to promote the classes.

They show the women in black holding foam pool noodles as part of an aqua therapy session to help deal with back pain, which is running for the next 10 weeks.

Patagonia Made a womens bikinis That Won’t Ever Fall Off

It’s not that singer and songwriter Summer Watson likes to flash her boobs at strangers. But bikinis have a way of succumbing to the ocean’s tug, and more than once, this surfer has lost some part of her swimsuit to the waves. “Every once in a while you get a nip slip,” says Watson, the marketing director at San Clemente, California’s Toes of the Noes surf shop. “But usually it’s your bottoms that you lose.”

Yet Watson—like many women—still prefers to wear a bikini while surfing. “I like the feeling of the ocean on my skin,” she explains. Patagonia was hearing the same thing from its surfing ambassadors. “They feel most unencumbered in a bikini,” says Laura Kinman, Patagonia’s product line director of women’s sportswear and surfing. So she searched for a way to make the beloved bikini more sport-ready.

For a majority of women in, looking as stylish by the water is almost a dream. We want to help improve women’s body image and increase body positivity. We want to tell them that there’s no such thing as a ‘beach body’ – it’s about ‘each body’. Anyone can wear a bikini. Thus, taking forward our sincere pursuit of solving the universal problem of upgrading closets, Zapyle has ventured into beach and swimwear to motivate every Indian
woman to celebrate her body and embrace fashion without reluctance – even on a beach.”

Yet Watson—like many women—still prefers to wear a bikini while surfing. “I like the feeling of the ocean on my skin,” she explains. Patagonia was hearing the same thing from its surfing ambassadors. “They feel most unencumbered in a bikini,” says Laura Kinman, Patagonia’s product line director of women’s sportswear and surfing. So she searched for a way to make the beloved bikini more sport-ready.

“I don’t see a lot of people trying to create women’s products that are specifically built for sport and that’s discouraging,” says Kinman. “In surfing, all the swimwear innovation is happening on the men’s side of the business,” she explains. Men get gee- whiz seams that are bonded or glued to reduce chafing while sitting on the board. But for women? “The focus is always on what’s a cute print,” Kinman says.

This Disney Princess-Inspired Bikini Line Will Make Your Next Spring Break an Enchanted One

With the imminent release of the live action remake of Beauty & the Beast, it seems the frenzy surrounding Disney Princesses and their related merchandise has reached a full blown fever pitch. Everywhere you look there are new products inspired by your childhood favorites, from bedazzled Juicy Couture tracksuits and Swarovski-covered clutches, to faux roses entombed in various glass domes.

It seems like anything these days can be princess-ified, which means it was only a matter of time before we started seeing swimwear inspired by the cartoon royalty you grew up loving (and singing along with). The bikinis aren’t official, but you will officially get a ton of compliments from fellow Disney-heads if you’re spotted wearing one of these under, or next to, the sea.

We’ve been celebrating the fact that it’s almost spring by shopping all the hottest jewelry, dresses and runway trends in anticipation of the warmer weather. But now that we just saw the new campaign for Target’s swim collection, all we have is bikini fever.

Target unveiled it’s new swim campaign today, which features all well-known plus-size models and body image activists. There’s model Denise Bidot (who you probably have seen posing for Good American!), on-air host Kamie Crawford, pro-skateboarder Lizzie Armanto and YouTube star Megan Batoon.

In a press release Target says the company, “believes every body is a beach body and wants you to love the way you look and feel in flattering and on-trend swimwear styles this season.” And its new models also echo that message of body positivity.

Now that spring break season is upon us and summer is on its way (despite the mixed messages from the current weather situation), it’s not too early to start thinking about swimwear for the holidays and vacations that one might be going on in the coming weeks and months. Recently, a post about swimwear caught my eye, because it wasn’t just regular swimwear; it was a company called Enchanted Bikinis and they create Disney princess-
inspired swimwear, although they say on their website that they are not associated with Disney. Pick your favorite princess, browse their website and you will find a cute bikini with a design based on her signature costume. I was delighted by the adorable bikini top and bottom combinations for Ariel, Snow White, Belle and Rapunzel that I saw first on the list of their products.

Personally, they’re a little too cutesy for my taste, but I can easily see how they could become a popular product. However, their last bikini combo is what really caught my attention. It was a Pocahontas bikini, complete with the fringe and a mock paint tattoo on the arm of the model in the swimsuit. I was surprised and not in a good way. While the ther swimsuits were cute, I feel that the last one was made in poor taste. It trivializes a culture and sexualizes a people, turning ethnic clothing into a sexual accessory and shaming a historical figure who Disney already tampered with enough.

The company’s website explains their aim behind this range of swimsuits, writing, “Our mission is to let the princess in you glow and enchant everyone and everything around, when you wear your Enchanted bikini. We believe that every woman can feel this way without putting on a costume.” And they also promise way more designs to come. Fingers crossed for a spin-off line of swim trunks for all these princesses’ Prince Charmings.

Deal of the Day: A Very Elegant women’s bikinis on sale

It wasn’t until we accompanied a friend to a Mara Hoffman sample sale a few summers ago that we realized the extent to which a certain type of lady really loves her a Mara Hoffman swimsuit. We got shoved aside and trampled on in a way we never had at any sample sale, and we were legit scarred for a few days. So we were excited when we noticed that there were all of a sudden a lot of Mara Hoffman one-pieces and bikinis on sale, which you
can order from the comfort of your own home without any fear of someone stepping on your ankle.

Scantily-clad female inmates have held a drug and booze-filled party inside prison with many snorting what looks like cocaine.

With music pumping the girls are seen passing round drugs, drinks and posing for selfies on their forbidden mobile phoned.

Most are dressed up with their hair and nails done, with some wearing hot pants and bikinis, while others show off their raunchy lingerie.

The mobile phone clip was shot by one of the girls serving time at Curado prison complex in Recife, in north eastern Brazil.

Women in Geneva will now be allowed to swim topless in the city’s iconic lake and Rhone River.

A rule dating from 1929 was overturned by Geneva’s regional council after a petition of just 233 signatures was raised against it.

However, the change does not apply to public swimming pools or swimming naked.

Late last week, affordable basics brand Grana — if you’re not familiar, the Hong Kong label’s style (and price point!) falls somewhere between Uniqlo and Everlane — launched new swimwear for both men and women, and it’s cute.

The men’s collection includes three swimshort styles in a bunch of colors and a few simple prints: a 4-inch tailored trunk, a drawstring trunk, and a 6.5-inch tailored trunk. The women’s collection is more extensive, with two different one-pieces (a deep-V and a scoop back), three bikini bottom styles (high-waisted, regular briefs, and string-tie briefs), and four bikini top styles (bandeau, triangle top, racer-front halter, and bralette-style) that you can mix and match, all available in black and two colors that feel very 2017: olive green and a pale, beige-y pink.

The look of all the suits totally hits the minimalist swimwear nail on the head, echoing those hyper-popular solid-colored one-pieces we’ve seen from brands like Nu Swim, Her, and Baserange — but at a much, much more affordable price point.

Take a look at the a few of our favorites from the collection below, or shop them all on Grana’s site.

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