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Pamela Anderson, 50, the seemingly sensational red underwear she has a very lively collection of sea coconut models

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Pamela Anderson is more exposed than ever before she looks from her new coconut underwear collection activities.

In a clear image of them, the 50 year old former Baywatch babe is a sexy red bra and panties, matching up her
covering leather chair watching.

At the beginning of this month, “time” magazine launched her 34 – Pamela love cocoa, which went on sale on December

In another attractive image full of beautiful women reclining in a pure silver as her underwear on black satin.

The old camera held her show her lightness of bronze limbs and her blonde hair with her old face.

The camera behind her is again in another photo that is standing behind her in a pink lace underwear set for a
patent black high heel three foot rack.

The company sold about 35 e thong and sexy corset based versus 250 in london.

The mother of two children also models Black Sexy Babydoll Dress, in 95 by website.

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The full service of the creative agency cooperates with the luxury underwear brand coconut shell, releasing Pamela’s
first album of ambassadors.

In collaboration with photographer Rankin, sports brought the collection of life with Pamela to control (camera) in
the modern world with 1960 of the best. All with Pamela’s signature, the pleasure of flirting.

Last week, the model for her solo launch set in London but she is dating a football star Adil rami, 31.

In the last few weeks, Pammy has sent a precious insight into her Julian Assange, 46 rare and not closely related to
the talk show’s Megyn Kelly Today.

She confirmed that she was introduced to Assange by Cheap Sexy Lingerie designer Vivian. Westwood previously visited Ecuador
Embassy in London, where he lives.

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