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I’m a celebrity winner of Georgia, TOEFL, and after Australia, she wants the jungle after her slimming underwear

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shopping… A triumphant return to London

She spent a few weeks in the jungle – haggard – haggard exchange of SW1’s charismatic dinners little, chic thread.

So I was a celebrity winner of Georgia toffolo is undoubtedly want to return to her natural habitat to play high-end

shops and CR I de la Cr i s restaurant after dinner outing on Monday afternoon that she jungle.

The 23 year old Chelsea star was later taken to the airport, with her parents, and returned to London after she won

the jungle victory.

Wearing a fashion sportswear and a beautiful cross – check belt neckline, the tanned actress pushes her luggage at

the airport.

Her mother, Nicola, and her mother’s partner went to their terminal.

Earlier in the day, the blonde went shopping with her mother. Not long ago, she and her colleagues were having meals

in a luxurious environment, where she had steak and orange slices.

It turned out to be a good family event because her grandparents had joined their families.

The young looks caused the Internet Storm, and a fan commented, “how beautiful the babysitter and grandpa are you.”

They must be proud of you. Both inside and outside are beautiful.

The other said, “the rich man, your babysitter looks like she might be your sister, a lovely picture, so happy you


Georgia soared to last year’s 11 celebrity series MIC to find further prominence when she starred the star dating

earlier this year.

At last a month into the jungle, she is a company’s love she took the crown deliver the goods on Sunday night,

beating Jamie Lomas Hollyoaks and comedian Ian Lee won the jungle.

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It is ready to return to a life of luxury, the stunning star looked away from her since she was in the jungle world

there is no doubt that the white dress designer reductus mullet bottom and details in the shoulder cape.

In the trawl store, she picked up Cheap Sexy Lingerie, including the host bra, and soon entered some other stores, and

seemingly caught the purchase of luxury goods, obviously missed the array of life array.Cheap Sexy Lingerie

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