Rock the Crop: How to Style Crop Tops with Confidence
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Rock the Crop: How to Style Crop Tops with Confidence

Crop tops are a great part of fashion and can make any outfit look more fun, naughty, and ​fun. Whether you’re ready for a summer festival, a beach day, or a simple jamming, crop top is a versatile piece that can be done in several styles. 

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With a smart guide, any style can be demonstrated vividly and assertively through top-cropped shirts. There are interesting ways to wear a crop top with confidence. And, of course, everybody can do it.

High-Waisted Bottom

The best choice is the high-waisted bottom to make sure that the shortness of the bottom is balanced and that the look is more attractive. Prefer tall legs like high-waisted pants, skirts, or shorts at or above your figure’s natural waistline. Alongside that, this still builds sculpturing by lengthening your legs and giving some coverage to the waist.

Besides, high-waisted bottoms give you extra support and coverage; therefore, you can feel comfortable and confident in yourself when wearing a crop top piece.

Layering for Coverage

If you don’t like to show a lot of skin, wearing a layer is the best choice. However, a nice combination of a crop top and a layer can make you look attractive. One super trendy fashion idea for crop tops is to layer them with a light cardigan or kimono for coverage and style. Not only does this give you extra warmth on those cool days, but it’s also a decorative element and a way of creating visual interest and focus in your attire.

But in terms of combination with crop tops, consider the depth of the other item you are layering over – make sure it ends above the waist to get a balanced picture.

Pair with High-Necklines

Are you not comfortable with showing too much skin? Choose crop tops with higher necklines for more coverage since it adds a statement jacket. Styles such as the mock neck, crew neck, and halter tops, among others, provide you with coverage. Hence, it includes the chest and neckline, while at the same time it enhances your self-confidence.

Because a high-neck crop top attracts the upper body and reveals the collarbone and shoulders, you can use it to get a graceful look.

Use Prints and Patterns 

Flourishing Dreams Mint Green Floral Print Smocked Crop Top

Include visual appeal to your crop top outfits. Whatever fabric, it can be flowers, stripes, dots or even geometrical patterns, which helps to personalize and add freshness to your overall outfit.

Thus, don’t be afraid to mix and match different prints and patterns for a playful and eclectic vibe that’s uniquely you.

Accessorize for Impact

Spice up your collar shirt look by complementing the ensembles with amazing accessories. Jewelry is another avenue to accentuate a vacant look. Consider a statement necklace, stacking bracelets, or shades over the top. Pick the right accessory that completes your crop top and matches the entire outfit.

Talking about shoes, choosing sandals or sneakers by your crop top style is essential, as these will bring a finishing touch to your look.

The strapless top features hand beaded crystal accents. Hence, you can pair it with jeans. The tops that has beads with slim fit silhouette enhances your curves and show off the beauty of your figure. The outfits offer a flirty look with a shimmering stylish touch on neckline and strapless bodice. The slim fit dress is suitable to attain a hot and sleek dress. The dress is one of the unique outfits in the latest collection. It will allow you to be like your favorite celebrity.

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