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Donna, Karan, Harvey, Weinstein’s face to counter criticism

The fashion industry has become popular in Harvey Weinstein, enmeshed, thanks to Donna Karan.
The comments on Sunday night, they made the designer support, she immediately criticized retracted tartaric acid after Karan celebrity, in some call a boycott of her womens bikinis sale , though she is no longer the previous label, this is the best, now by G-III apparel group.
The morning breakfast program weighed Karan’s argument to comment, especially women’s “troubles”, may be based on how they dress.
In NBC’s “today, Megan, Kelly,” Kelly said, “unfortunately, Donna Karan] [who is not the only one to think so, that it is wrong.”. This is a serious mistake. Let’s make it clear that women sometimes make bathroom fashion choices, including in the office. That’s not inviting yourself. Cycle. Final report.”
Kelly, who was involved in the controversial nature of Fawkes’s news, included all the continuing, “Roger, there are laws in this country.”. Method. I don’t care if a woman is in a bikini show one’s office, it’s not good, she invited or let it harass up here. It makes it good, our boss says, “going home” and “change.” are good. What is the truth, people are also very useful. It has a power and control center to do a proclivities chooses not go in.
“Knowledge insulting, by the way, a man is good.”Like, they are a bunch of animals that can’t show their own programs, if a woman’s thighs are part. Right? The Academy blaming women’s attitude for themselves is also a reason why women need to come to choose their forwards because of their fears after getting harassed humiliated victims. They fear it. They knew it was going to happen. How do we need to pile, Donna?How can we use this moment to encourage women to find their own voice, though the risk and stand up for yourself, this is hard enough, not rich, powerful, because they are connected to the fashion clothing tycoon choice idea. Speaking of fashion and choice, this is you. I ‘m and Donna Karan.
Rose, who was in an initial address to settle actresses Weinstein in tweeted Karan: “you are a deplorable Donna Karan.”. Aiding and abetting are moral crimes. You’re in a scum flashy costume.”

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Anthony Bourdain, boss, author and TV personality and silver Asian male, actress who accused of “rape” tweeted Weinstein, DKNY, @ how many seventeen years old you, they are your words, asking, “it?”
The movie “disgraced tangentially giants have been involved in the fashion world for many years as a producer of” Project Runway “A failed to restore and Sarah – Jessica – Parke Halston and license (and equity acquisition) James, although he did not use it to do what. He is a codesigner, so Georgina Chapman) married, the Marquis, the eveningwear and the bride line, have passed actresses on numerous Hollywood red carpet, although I am not an investor. Chapman said in a statement that Tuesday night’s people, she left Weinstein, the young children to come here to take care of is the first priority.
But Karan tumbled, head of the first CIN MOI Weinstein in the CIN fashion scandal Hollywood movie awards. She told the daily mail of the United Kingdom that “feminine harassed” might demand its “seductively dressing.””You see how our world today’s women dress womens bikinis sale  and knowledge show themselves, and they just ask the way they do it.”What are they asking for? “Troublesome,” she told the daily mail in an interview with the red carpet.
On Sunday night’s event (Hollywood, there is expounded, Weinstein said, in the case of it in the lake in our own country is very difficult, but I think how do we show ourselves? How do we present ourselves as women? What are our requirements? Did you find it showing sex at all and all sensuality? ”
Karan said she was a staff member’s wife and friend, and the Winston couple described as “our people” saying, “there are some strange things to do with Harvey.”Asked the daily mail, “if Weinstein had uncovered it,” she laughed, saying reportedly’s informal “I don,” t thought it was read-only Harvey weinstein”.
Weinstein and his company were fired on Sunday night, Weinstein Co., who was first reported in New York after a complaint against him. On Tuesday, a little more actresses what enlightenment such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Julie and Rosanna’s boss is a man of self-control, Weinstein in their occupation, joining A litany from women who have a complaint, accusing the United States film giants and sexual violence. A new Yorker came up with a good story.

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