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Gethin Jones “split” Cheap Sexy Lingerie model girlfriend Katja Zwara because of “busy work”

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Gethin Jones goes back to the bookshelf, which is said to split the model of Katja Zwara.

Welsh’s TV host, 40, and blonde beauty are said to have failed due to their busy schedule.

Those who have a good look have been dating for more than a year.

A source told the sun: “and Katja are friends but Gethin doesn’t work.”

“They broke up last month and they split up.”
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Katja, who appeared on the tonight Olly Murs dance video I finally posted a gesing again in October 2017 and social media to dress up for halloween.

It also seems to be the only manager to share Cheap Sexy Lingerie  in Instagram, although they often imagine looking for a comfortable public event.

Gethin in the short and before Troy star Lucy Mecklenburgh in his Katja.

The former blue Peter host from split fiance E Katherine Jenkins 2011. He has been dating classical singers for four years.

She is now married to Andrew Levitas, and two are looking forward to their second children together.

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