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Jacqueline Jossa and her husband Dan Osborne enjoy a family vacation and show off her figure in a tube top bikini.

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After leaving the celebrity big brother this fall, they decided to give their marriage a second chance.

Jacqueline Jossa and her husband Dan Osborne proved that they were more powerful than their daughters Mia (four months) and three Ellas during a family holiday.

The former EastEnders star looks happy because she is wearing a Burgundy tube top bikini to hug her children by the pool.

She also shared a lot of sweet buttons and videos of Little Ella dancing at the poolside.

Her show of her fans must have been back on track, and her husband, Jacqueline, proudly shared the short film of the former TOWIE star.

The actress joked that when she relaxed her muscles by the pool, he joked: “He thinks who he is? (I let him do this)’.

Their half-time break was after Jacqueline insisted that their marriage was “more powerful than ever before” after the May split.

The couple hurriedly reignited the romantic plot after their recent performance on the celebrity big brother, okay! magazine.

However, Jacqueline admitted that she found it difficult to see Dan interacting with Gabby Allen on the reality show because there were rumors that they had had such a thing.

Dan also has a four-year-old son named Teddy from the previous relationship. He told the publication: It is no secret that we have experienced a bad patch, but we are back together and things are really good. We broke up earlier this year, but when Mia was born in June, we were back on track, and now the situation between us is better than ever.

Jacqueline wears a shiny wedding ring for the family cover, adding: “Our wedding ring is firmly starting again, we are stronger than ever.”

However, although Dan said that he gave him a ‘newfound love and respect’ to his wife at the time of his celebrity brother’s family and asked him to “make things work,” Jacqueline admitted, seeing him. The screen with Gabi is a tough experience.

She said: “I tried to support Daniel at home, but when I saw him talking about our problems or spending time with Gabi, I was very hard. I know they are only friends, but I don’t watch well because I know that every Individuals will talk about their relationship.

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