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Olivia Culpo released a playful bikini video from Australia… Danny Amendola

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Her boyfriend and herself are enjoying themselves with a similar brunette.

But Olivia Calbo did not show any signs of pain when he returned to social media on Sunday.

In fact, when she released a funny bikini video, the model was very glowing – announcing that she had just arrived in Australia.

The 26-year-old model Culpo and the 32-year-old NFL player Danny Amendola have been paying attention for the past two years, but they are considered to be in love.

On Saturday, Amendola shot a brunette in Miami Beach.

On Sunday, Culpo revealed her sports Illustrated filming in Australia on a new Instagram video.

“It’s a bit of a time difference, but it’s just a dream come true with @Southaustralia and @si_swimsuit!!!!!,” Culpo said, ‘I have dreamed of this moment in my life. ‘

She also marked the sports pictorial swimwear editor MJ Day in the post and said “love you.” Can’t wait to laugh!!!!!!!

In a short video, Culpo saw a hanger in a bikini and wore a small bikini.

“Well, I did it,” Culpo said in the video. “I don’t know what day it is today. I don’t know what time it is, but I am coming to the Australian Sports Illustrated!”

There is no indication that Culpo and Amendola are ‘off’ again, and TMZ says it looks like Amendola doesn’t look “hooked” like the mysterious black hair he saw.

As they lay side by side on the sun loungers, they saw the couple chatting and laughing, and the Miami Dolphin’s receiver even touched her hair at a point.

Then they swim together in the ocean, and when they play in the waves, they lick each other.

Danny showed off his bodybuilding body in a short denim shorts that were twice as popular as swimming trunks.

His gorgeous companion also shows off her dreamy curves in a thin black bikini.

Less than a week ago, Olivia and Danny performed very well together because she shared an exaggerated post with her 3.4 million fans while lying on the beach with her professional football player.

She boasted that “new and exclusive rock and roll hard packs of 6 sets, excluding boyfriends.”

Olivia and Danny settled in June after breaking up in March.

In the September issue of the New York Senior Lifestyle show, the star kept her card while discussing her love life.

“I [dating someone], but now work is absolutely important, and my most important relationship is that I am working with myself. I am dating, but this is not something I want to know too much detail.

Just around the age of twenty-five, the star said she was “too young and could not consider marriage and family.”

“I am only 26 years old. To be honest, I don’t know [if I have children] because it is not even in my eyes.”

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