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A few days after fans questioned whether Ada Nicodemou had “completed her lips,” the actress returned to another social media post.

The 41-year-old went to social media on Tuesday to share a series of three bikini photos for Instagram.

Wearing a thin blue swimsuit, she showed her toned frame, and the stars of Home and Away were wearing sunglasses, and her lips were particularly puffy.

This gorgeous star crowned this short series: “Today, spend a perfect day in Sydney and enjoy it in the sun.”

Ada has long been the subject of rumors, and she may have already done cosmetic enhancements.

On Sunday, she ignited the surgery again, when she took her cosmetics to find a friend’s wedding.

The brunette’s lips caught the attention of her fans, her lips on her lips, and she wore a bright matte pink lipstick that looked very prominent.

A fan commented: “Where are your lips? They are beautiful, while the other is not so interesting. The comment says: ‘Stop lip injection’.

In July, Women’s Day magazine said that the television celebrities born to the Greek Cypriots had already undergone a “full body upgrade”.

Surgeon Dr. Meaghan Heckenberg did not treat the actress herself. She claimed that she believed that Ada had undergone “nasal plastic surgery, muscle relaxation injection and dermal filler”.

Dr. Heikkenberg said on the Women’s Day that Ada looks like a rhinoplasty, and maybe some muscle relaxation injections and dermal fillers have given her a new look.

In January 2017, when a “close friend” told Women’s Day that the star had scheduled an operation in Sydney during the Christmas and New Year holidays, Ada was the subject of her guess of breast augmentation.

Ada told New Idea last April that she would not rule out botulinum toxin or laser treatment in the future, because it is important to do something that makes you feel good.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted Ada Nicodemou for comments.

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