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In addition to the arrest of 65 people at the Christmas Cheap Sexy Lingerie party, everyone was accused.

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In addition to one of the 65 people arrested at the Christmas Cheap Sexy Lingerie party, the prosecutor has charged all the

Then, in the early morning of December 31st, the mass arrests in the Bardot county prosecutor’s office, Georgia said
on Friday that the evidence was not enough to convict 64 out of 65.

The office said in a statement that the office of the local prosecutor examined the archives of the arrest of
sixty-five people with cannabis in December 31, 2017.

The results of the review showed that the evidence was not sufficient to convict sixty-four of the sixty-five
accused. Therefore, the allegations of the sixty-four people have been rejected.

Officials did not say which one was charged, or for any reason.

About two in the morning on New Year’s Eve, Carters, police received a 911 call about gun held at home.

I heard the host of the party and took it as a combination of Christmas and twenty-first – year – birthday parties
for themselves, according to the passenger’s events.

The fliers promise to eat jelly, beer table tennis and “drunken / whirlwind”.

The police received 911 calls to a crowded house.

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On the scanner, the police commented on the number of people on the porch. As they walked back and forth behind
them, they noticed “there were a lot of people in the house.”

The police say they smell the scent in the pot and see a few people running away.

At the time, they faced a difficult task of gathering all the people outside the crowded house because they began to
arrest people.

The police seized three pistols and released a show that seemed to be hemp, which was a small amount of recycling
from the individual.

The NAACP complained about the arrest of small hemp massive violations of the rights of citizens.

One of the parents was arrested by the police. He complained that wgrz had an arrest. It happened in Atlanta. Only
40 miles south, the people would receive a 75 dollar ticket and be sent to prison.

Gerald Griggs, a lawyer, to help defend the NAACP told wmaz, the district attorney decided to withdrawal is
thoughtful and effective.”

We also want to thank the public to express their Cheap Sexy Lingerie, “Griggs said.

He added that the NAACP also intends to investigate the case of any and all violations of the rights of citizens
“and” implementation”.

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