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What happened to Vegas?! After signing a new residence agreement, Britney Spears showed her glamorous Cheap Sexy Lingerie.

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It’s not hard to see why Vegas wants more Britney Spears.

The 36 year old showed her a small dance show on Friday’s amazing body for her followers of 18.5million Instagram.

The singer showed a total of three outfits, each of which was more inspiring than the previous one because she was filming in Portugal. That man feels.

The two mother teased her with a beautiful leg, and she wore a short jewel in a fluffy skirt.

Cheap Sexy Lingerie

After a moment, she took off her Cheap Sexy Lingerie and flashed more skin on the pink and black clothes.

At last she showed off her stunning stomach and she slipped into a pink bra and a small black skirt.

Britney recently wrapped her four years in Las Vegas with an electric TV set.

But it was reported that this week she almost immediately signed a new contract in the Monte Carlo Resort.

A source told us weekly that Britney couldn’t refuse to perform in the 250 performance of the axis hall.

The park theater’s new residence plan will begin at 2019, where Miss Gaga’s 74 performances recently started in December.

Britney especially liked her plan to perform for four years, which made her and her two sons, Preston, 12, Jayden, 11.

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