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Proof You Need To Add Pink To Your Wardrobe

Wearing pink can be a challenge for many women! Some think they are too mature to use the shade of pink, others do not want to pass the image of fragile that is very associated with the delicacy of some lighter shades of pink. But the fact is that this color is one of the preferences of women and many stop using it in the professional environment for fear of showing femininity. And that’s why I want to show you why you need to add pink to your wardrobe, without losing your style and maintaining elegance.

On accessories:

If you are more discreet or have a very formal dress code at your company: the suggestion is to put pink in small touches through accessories. That way these points of color will refer to your personality without being the most attention-grabbing part of your look.

On the blouse:

In more informal environments, you don’t need to wear social clothes and it’s not so strict. In these cases, you can bet on t-shirts that are very versatile pieces. The secret of this look is to mix the light and subtle pink tones with a stronger piece like the black skirt, for example.

For cold days, a bet is the turtleneck blouse in the shade of pink. Take the opportunity to combine it with another piece with a darker overtone to give your look a lift.

Wearing pink dress pants:

The contrast of the traditional cut of dress pants with the pink color is very interesting and yields stylish and feminine looks. Because you take advantage of the seriousness of the cut of the social pants to break the idea of fragile that is often associated with shades of pink.

In the third part:

The third-piece trick is foolproof for anyone who wants to look more elegant and professional in the workplace. For example, the tailored blazer or vest has the power to transform your basic look into a more classic and elegant look.

How to wear pink in the whole look

For those in love with pink, you can use pink in the whole look and still be elegant and refined. Have you ever thought about wearing a suit in millennial pink tones? This shade of pink is beautiful and brings softness to your image.

Dressing well is essential for your life! That’s why it’s super important to pay attention to the choice of clothes and accessories. Understanding the meanings of the pieces and combinations gives you impactful looks.

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