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Forward and up: Ashley Graham confidently shows her famous curve to launch her sexy Cheap Sexy Lingerie new line — the sky is describing the moment, and the photo assistant exposes herself to her.

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Valentine’s Day is coming, Ashley Graham is ready to help female female boudoir dress size.

30 years old has just released her latest Cheap Sexy Lingerie industry, in addition to the Canadian brand ELLE, which is also her new and steaming sports model.

Ashley has been working with the brand from 2013 to help them create a bend – oriented nightwear.

Limited edition 2018 spring sexy point line features seven best selling items including bras, Cheap Sexy Lingerie, pajamas release pink and charcoal grey, lace and stripes.

The new line shows the photos of Ashley and the neutral color of the mouth, and the hair is combed back to the temptation of her latest goods.

Some made her stand on the white wall in the whipped high heels, while the others saw her lying in a piece to fully display her curve.

Ashley said at a news conference, “I always say that your bra is the foundation of your appearance. A good bra makes you feel good and looks good.”

Lines, size from x-3x and 36dd-42g / h, start to sell Monday morning.

In addition to being a very successful designer, Ashley has become a fashion star in the past few years. But the reputation of the unbelievable censorship.

However, the fashion cover girl said she refused to worry about what she had published online because she thought it was a waste of time.
Cheap Sexy Lingerie

On Friday, the 30 year old lingerie model told people, “I’m really myself, I always talk about it.” What you see is what you get.

I always say nothing urgent, because if this is my social media, if this is a platform, let me really say this word and launch my brand, why should I worry?

As for the inspiration she was looking for, she said she was following “all models” because she was happy to see what everyone was doing.

But her favorite is Kathy Ireland.

“I won’t say that her Instagram is the best, certainly, but I’m with her because she’s so smart business. She posted her product, and she didn’t put up her private life.

The model, who had published articles in the fashion and sports pictorial magazines, last week made a frank view of the terrible situation at the age of 17.

5 years of Miss Black hair were sitting in the ABC studio greeting fans wearing pure blouses and black velvet trousers on Tuesday in New York.

“Come on, I’d like to talk to you,” Graham said on a show on Tuesday.

He lured me into the hallway and pushed me into the closet. He revealed himself. He said, “see what you’ve done to me all day.” Now touch it. ”

Luckily, she escaped, but she acknowledged that she had never formally complained to her Cheap Sexy Lingerie superiors.

If this happened today, she said she would have handled very differently.

“If I know I now know that these women stand up and say,” I’m also, “I’ll hit that guy,” she said.

She added, “I might start screaming and calling my organization.”

Graham first details the story of sexual assault in her book: a new model: 2017 of what confidence, beauty and strength look like.

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