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Below (wear)! I was a celebrity, Victor of Georgia toffolo revel in the freedom for her to Oz.. After losing her underwear shopping has small boobies in the jungle to lose weight

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She spent a few weeks in the jungle – haggard – haggard exchange of SW1’s charismatic dinners little, chic thread.

So I was a celebrity winner of Georgia toffolo is undoubtedly want to return to her natural habitat to play high-end shops and CR I de la Cr i s restaurant after dinner outing on Monday afternoon that she jungle.

In the 23 shopping of Chelsea nova, and her mother Nicola, before her underwear shopping, the star who worked with her soon set up a restaurant in luxury, where she ate steak and oranges.

Georgia soared to last year’s 11 celebrity series MIC to find further prominence when she starred the star dating earlier this year.

At last a month into the jungle, she is a company’s love she took the crown deliver the goods on Sunday night, beating Jamie Lomas Hollyoaks and comedian Ian Lee won the jungle.

It is ready to return to a life of luxury, the stunning star looked away from her since she was in the jungle world there is no doubt that the white dress designer reductus mullet bottom and details in the shoulder cape.

In the trawl store, she picked up sexy underwear, including the host bra, and soon entered some other stores, and seemingly caught the purchase of luxury goods, obviously missed the array of life array.

Although love was in the lingerie store, Toff was actually a rumor that she broke up from her boyfriend James Middleton, although she was hit by the jungle.

She told the Sun newspaper that she had many ideas for former James at the beginning, because rumors spread outside that they never broke up, so she could enter the jungle as a sexy single girl.

Her crazy shopping may be suitable for her new image, and she admits that her dramatic weight loss in the jungle has a huge impact on her breasts.

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She said to the newspaper, “I feel skinny. I have a Cheap Sexy Lingerie, I look down, I’m completely flat. I ate some chicken, but I put it on it, and it burst. So I had a nerd a chicken and one no, so I had to sacrifice them.

The rich people’s enthusiasm and sense of humor to win the audience, make her be crowned on Sunday night despite the lowest wage jungle queen star, just a T $13000.

After she went shopping madly, she proved her great popularity in the jungle. She met her second runner up and co stars, including Jamie, Ian, Rebekah Vardy and Jennie McAlpine.

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