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People are deeply confused about this shiny bikini dress

The green metal asymmetrical ring detail tight dress is at least confusing. It’s essentially a dress – but it’s also a bikini.

But wearing it on the beach is a bit too big, and may not be enough to dress in the city.

The dress was sold on the PLT website for £22 – surprisingly, it actually seems to sell only on the 10th and 12th. Fashion retailers describe it as a “killer body dress.”

Crafted in green metallic fabric, asymmetrical design, ring detail and ballet style, it is said that high heels (or sandals, if you are going to the beach) look great.

Although it may be sold on the website, the people on Instagram are not so sure. One person wrote: “She goes to eat, soak and swim at once.”

The other said: ‘Even on this beautiful model, this dress is so unpleasant. Not at all cute. “Someone wrote: ‘This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen’.

Others have been tagging their friends just to show them this dress – although we have to admit that Leslie Sidora, the model wearing the dress in the photo, is rocking it.

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