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Heat summer in swimsuits for breast cancer patients and survivors

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Nothing should prevent you from observing and feeling your best condition this summer, and you won’t even get breast cancer. AnaOno is pleased to announce the launch of a new swimwear line designed specifically for breast cancer patients and survivors.

AnaOno has provided lingerie and casual wear for women who have undergone single or double mastectomy, breast tumor resection, or total body reconstructive surgery, but they know they need to keep their survivors stylish throughout the summer. They designed four swimwear for any type of breast – or none at all!

From slimming items to a mix-and-match two-piece suit, this collection features unique (for swimming forms) and topless tops, flounced tops, halter tops, high collar pants, and sarongs.

This series makes all types of body smoother, while highlighting AnaOno’s mission to build confidence and redefine sexy. In addition, the suit also has built-in UVA and UVB protection, ideal for sensitive skin.

womens bikinis sale

“As a survivor of my own, I know how important it is to feel best, and the beach side or the pool side can be the hardest one. After breast surgery it was found to be very challenging – a swimsuit is even harder! Anaano’s Owner and founder Dana Donofree said.

“I want to create swimsuits. No matter what you sway, it doesn’t matter. That’s why many of our designs can work, whether you rebuild your breasts, if you lose your breasts, or if you’re completely flat.”

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