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From Skirts To Bikinis – Revealing The 100-Year History Of Swimwear

Thousands of people of all nationalities are in the world, which makes a variety of clothing. However, swimwear is a special case. It is international and has a strong commonality. As a kind of clothing, womens bikinis  becomes more and more simple, and more and more body parts are exposed. The conflict between the ethical rules and sexual consciousness and the social changes that are constantly occurring in the development history of swimwear. Swimwear is a measure of sexuality and social morality. Talk about swimwear, mainly to see the development of women’s swimwear, because men’s swimwear is just a pair of shorts, in addition to material evolution, the shape does not have much substantial changes.

Swimwear became a kind of special clothing originated in the early 20th century, both after 1900. At that time, the shape of the swimsuit was nothing more than a short skirt, which was not very different from the skirts of everyday life. In fact, most people did not prepare special swimwear when they were splashing in public baths. Bathing suits were exclusive to the rich. Special swimwear appeared before and after 1909, even with underwear swimsuit. In the early 1970s, shorts and swimsuits appeared and became swimwear in the true sense.

In the 1940s, bikini-style swimwear emerged, and the swimwear developed to the extreme. The womens bikinis  was designed by the French and was famous in 1946 for the name of the island where the atomic bomb exploded. After the atomic bombing of Bikini Island, the French introduced a swimwear consisting of three pieces of cloth and four bands in Paris, named Bikini.

In fact, bikinis began to form in France in the early 1940s, but it was only in 1946 that they were called into the world. In the next 60 years, swimsuits have changed in materials, such as the use of high-tech swimwear that simulates sharkskin, which can greatly reduce water resistance. There has been no major development in appearance design.

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The Growing Process Of Swimsuit

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The earliest swimwear in 1902.

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In France in 1903, people were playing on the beach. At that time, many people went to the sea wearing their daily clothes and did not specifically prepare for bathing suits.

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