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Halle Berry shows off killing physique in ‘James Bond’ bikini shooting

Halle Berry shared a photo of her wearing an orange bikini on Instagram later Tuesday, when she swayed it on the big screen of another day.

The 52-year-old actress released this photo and invited her fans to participate in her “Beach Body Competition”, which requires those who wish to participate in sharing their summer fitness transformation photos to participate in the label “HBBEACHBODY”. The winner of the competition will fly to Los Angeles to participate in a special training course with Berry and her coach Peter Lee Thomas.

“Remember, this is not just a good look in a bikini, but a good body. I want to see how your confidence changes this year by loving yourself and putting your health and health first. In the summer, “Berry wrote in the title.

Berry’s fans flocked to the comments section, praising the catwoman’s initiative and gorgeous body.

“Mrs. Bond, you look great, it’s better now; as an actress and others,” one Instagram user wrote, another opportunity to share her fitness skills to help: “You Inspiration, thanks for sharing your daily exercise, it helps me a lot, you always need someone to inspire us.”

Berry often uses her social media to share her fitness routines and tips and discuss health and confidence. Last week, the actress shared a photo of herself with Thomas because the “fitness couple” once again collaborated with another label, “FatnessFriday,” as Inquisitr had previously reported. The two collaborated on Berry’s Instagram page to publish a series called hashtag “PHITtalks” as a way to answer fans’ questions about Berry’s fitness program and healthy living and health tips.

Earlier this year, Berry called her “secret weapon” Thomas to tell the story about the actress’s athleticism and praised her dedication to fitness and health.

“When I met her, I didn’t know her age. I have never seen or been interested in it, when I found out that I was absolutely bombarded because she had 25 years of discipline and athleticism,” Thomas said.

Berry training with Thomas every Friday is a combination of sports techniques, including martial arts, boxing, yoga and “many military training that the SEALs will do,” he told the magazine. He said that the key to their daily work is also a surprise. Berry never knew what she would do that day.

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