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There are several kinds of bikinis that will burst your eyeball

The word “bikini” was created in 1946 by Parisian engineer Louis Reid, the inventor of the bikini. He named the swimsuit in the name of Bikini Atoll, which had experimented with atomic bombs. Similarly Jacques Heim, a fashion designer from Paris, invented a similar design in the same year. Because of the controversial and topless designs, bikinis are banned on beaches and public places in many countries. The Holy See once declared the design guilty. Although bikinis are considered to be indiscriminate, they have gradually become part of popular culture.

Bandeaukini refers to any topless bikini top. It has a rapidly growing appeal among the young women’s groups, with trimmed brassieres sold as classic bikinis. Sometimes this design is also called bandeaukini and tankini.

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A miniature bikini (English: microkini) refers to a very minimally clothed bikini. Male models use only enough fabric to cover the genitals, while female models have another cloth to hide the nipples. The extra sling is only used to keep the clothes close to humans. Some variants of miniature bikinis use adhesives or threads to cover the genitals. Users of miniature bikinis only need to comply with moral laws and fill the niche between conservatives and conservative swimmers.

Overhead bikini refers to any topless one-piece bikini. The extreme version of the bikini over the sky is a thong-style bikini (exposed pudendal) designed by Rudy Glennach in 1985.

Skirtini  is characterized by upper body bikini, lower body is a small skirt, bikini is a more insurance innovation. Two-piece swimsuits with skirts were very popular in the United States until 1943 when the government ordered women’s swimwear to be reduced by 10% as wartime rationing. The 2011 Daily Telegraph identified Skirt Bikini as the top ten swimwear designs for the season.

Sling bikini is a complete suit, technically a one-piece type. The side straps on the bottom bikini extend upward to cover the breasts, bypass the shoulders or surround the neck, while the second set of straps Bypass (also known as pretzels or bikini tops or pretzel swimsuits). The strap bikini appeared in the early 1990s and introduced mainstream culture in 1994. Its men’s style is called menkini and is promoted by Shacha Baron Cohen in the movie “Bolatte”.

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The string bikini is named after its design. Two triangular fabrics link in the groin instead of on the fine sides. Public Relations Agent Glen Torreridge and his wife and mannequin Brandy Perry-Dujo in 1974 at the opening ceremony of the Le Petite Centre (French: Le Petite Centre) in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana For the first time, a thin strap bikini was shown. Thin strap bikini became one of the most popular bikini styles.

Tankini is a combination of upper body vest and lower body bikini. Tanquinis is made of spandex blended cotton or Lycra mixed nylon. American swimwear tycoon, designer Anne Cole, pioneered this style in 1998. Its variant camkini uses a sink band that replaces the lower body bikini.

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The trikini bikini first appeared in 1967 and was defined as “a handkerchief and two small dishes.” When the three-point bikini reappeared in the 1990s, the bikini bottom was wrapped in a rope and two triangles covered the breasts, but in the early 20th century it became three separate parts. The upper bikini is basically two separate parts. The name “trikini” is composed of the prefix “bi-” which means “two” in the vocabulary “bikini”, and the prefix “tri-” which means “three”. Swimsuits are sold in three packs. Its variants are strapless bikinis or strapless bikinis, usually consisting of a chest strap and a thong bikini bottom.

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